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  1. @WiltedGlory huge help in your response. Do you know of any areas that are easily accessible by the LRT? Are the subway system and transit systems in Ottawa reliable?
  2. Applied access and was also admitted with 158 and 3.86 B2
  3. I was extremely upset with my experience with Monica and so i decided to do some digging. I actually contacted Osgoode and they told me that nobody under the name of Monica Whyte has graduated from osgoode in the last 10 years or so. They said that its possible she used a different name but Monica Whyte did not go there. As well, I cant seem to find her on the York website in the PHD program.
  4. I took a class with Monica Whyte and it was a waste of time. I found Princeton Review much better. Essentially you are paying hundreds of dollars over the course of the program and just getting printouts of old questions. I had a friend who also took her classes and she said monica was very discouraging and i agree.
  5. Accepted today! Have been lurking on these forums for YEARS ... cant believe it. 3.81 CGPA and 3.86 B2 LSAT 158!
  6. I would be very surprised if they don’t start by Monday. It seems like everything is slightly delayed this cycle.
  7. Can you keep us posted! I have super similar stats. good luck!
  8. My UZONE went under evaluation like immediately, as soon as I logged in. Trying not to get my hopes up too quick haha
  9. my status is "under evaluation" if this helps at all and i am not having the same issue either
  10. 3.81 and Queens takes B2 so thats 3.86 - my L2 are somewhere in between that, maybe 3.83 ish
  11. Okay thats great thanks so much
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