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  1. Accepted today! Have been lurking on these forums for YEARS ... cant believe it. 3.81 CGPA and 3.86 B2 LSAT 158!
  2. I would be very surprised if they don’t start by Monday. It seems like everything is slightly delayed this cycle.
  3. Can you keep us posted! I have super similar stats. good luck!
  4. My UZONE went under evaluation like immediately, as soon as I logged in. Trying not to get my hopes up too quick haha
  5. my status is "under evaluation" if this helps at all and i am not having the same issue either
  6. 3.81 and Queens takes B2 so thats 3.86 - my L2 are somewhere in between that, maybe 3.83 ish
  7. Okay thats great thanks so much
  8. You're good. Yeah im sitting at a 158, 3.86b2 and i REALLY dont want to rewrite
  9. As per queens website you are COMPETITIVE. Don't let people discourage you, I have heard of people getting waitlisted and accepted with worse stats. They note that competitive is 157 and 3.7. Good luck! We may end up in the class of 2023 together!
  10. Thank you! If you dont mind me asking how do you know this? Did you read it somewhere?
  11. Hello All! Quick question - what happens if I apply in the access category and a school feels that I do not belong. I spoke with an admissions advisor at osgoode and she told me to fill out Part B due to my mental health, and so i also applied access at Queens but I am wondering if the advisors there wont agree with my access claim. Will they simply place my application back into the regular pile? Thanks!
  12. No. An upward trend just means you got better at your studies. That is not any of the folllowing " if they apply: equity factors, work/life experience, performance considerations and diversity factors.". Double check the website.
  13. Did you end up getting accepted!! My stats are very similar and im worried, dont know if i should rewrite
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