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  1. What are the odds of passing if one were to miss out on a 25 mark question while doing average on the remaining questions?
  2. 1. Have you ever been found guilty of, or convicted of, any offence under any statute? Please exclude speeding and parking tickets. (If you have been found guilty or convicted of an offence under the Young Offenders Act or the Youth Criminal Justice Act, please refer to the section online called “Completing the Paralegal Licensing Process Application” for further details.) I received a warning range suspension 5 years ago. Non-criminal. Should I disclose? "Warn-range" suspension Drivers who register a blood alcohol concentration in the warn range of .05 to .08 pose an immediate danger to themselves and other road users. If caught driving in the “warn range,” you will receive an immediate driver’s licence suspension at the roadside: For three days for a first occurrence For seven days for a second occurrence and you must undergo a remedial alcohol education program For 30 days for a third or subsequent occurrence in a five-year period, and you must undergo a remedial alcohol-treatment program and have an ignition interlock condition placed on your licence for six months. If you choose not to install an ignition interlock device, you must not drive until the condition is removed from your licence. An administrative monetary penalty is also imposed on drivers suspended for registering in the warn range.
  3. I am located in Toronto btw
  4. Books: Kaplan Lesson Book Kaplan Mastery and Timing Practice Lesson Book Kaplan Online Companion (still useful without the online access) Manhattan Prep LR 4th edition (with online resource access) Official PTs: PT 66 (June 2012) PT 60 PT 61 PT Test 4 (Dec 2009 exam plus experimental from Oct 2000 exam) PT Test 3 (Sep 2009 exam plus experimental from June 2000 exam) PT 62 Test 1 - Diagnostic (Dec 2998 exam plus experimental from June 2000 exam) Test 2 (June 2009 exam plus experimental from June 2000 exam) PT 57 (June 2009) PT 59 (Dec 2009) PT 65 (Dec 2011) PT 67 (Oct 2012) $100 for everything
  5. Like palm reading? Na, should be fine.
  6. Would omitting an interests section be detrimental?
  7. My favourite lawyer movie is The Verdict.
  8. I was just pointing out that religious institutions are capable of educating secular students, not that there is a dress code. Cardozo is rooted in Jewish thought and tradition and makes no secret that it's dedicated to advancing the moral and material betterment of the Jewish community and broader society, in the service of God.
  9. Yes the part-time LLM which will begin after I'm called (IP intake is in 2020 or 2021). I am currently articling for a firm that does a very small amount of IP, and am also involved with a start-up that does IP on the blockchain.
  10. Offer to take over the social media accounts (if they don't have a marketing person already doing that) and help grow the community on IG, linkedin, FB, twitter.
  11. I realize that an LLM is not necessarily likely to make one more employable, however I love learning and genuinely want to pursue the degree. I am torn between 2 LLMs offered at Osgoode: IP Law or Privacy & Cybersecurity Law. I am leaning towards IP because I think it will have more relevance and will increase my chances (slightly) of one day getting a good job in patent law. I don't know if Privacy & Cybersecurity law is as viable since it is so niche. Which specialization do you guys think is more worthwhile and practical?
  12. Also, the title for this topic is misleading.
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