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  1. Waitlisted today. I withdrew my application as I have already accepted another offer. LSAT: 164 cGPA: 3.6 w/ drops: 3.7
  2. Doodlebug, I am in a similar position as you (coming to UVic for September, no car, and seeking proximity to both UVic and DT). I've been hounding friends in Victoria for housing info and the best advice I've received is look for housing near Fort St. Three buses - 11, 14, 15 - run along Fort St serving UVic/DT so this location is quite a bit more convenient than living somewhere with only one bus service. For what its worth, I'm planning to head to Victoria in April/May to look for housing. I went back and forth for awhile on whether I should wait closer to September to look for a place (and save the summer rent $) or secure a place sooner. Ultimately I decided to look sooner because there are far fewer budget friendly options in late summer and I would hate to be stuck overpaying for a place. Best of luck in your housing search!
  3. When deciding to hire a tutor/enroll in a prep course, you ought to take into consideration your personal learning style. How have you dealt with academic challenges in the past? For myself, I thrive in situations where I can ask questions, get assistance from an instructor, and engage with my classmates. So, I chose to take a LSAT prep course. In fact, I took the UBC course as well. However, I have a completely different experience than georglucas. I benefitted from the personalized study strategies, and the instructor's feedback and encouragement when my progress my stagnating. Yet, I also took advantage of the opportunities the course offered me. For example, before and after each class, the instructor was available to answer questions. I sat through all of those sessions to both ask my own questions and listen to my classmates' questions. During two and a half months of fulltime study, I raised my score from a 148 to a 164. In my experience, I improved my problem solving skills but, for another student, they may feel as if they were just receiving problem sets. It all depends on your learning style. Regardless if you hire a tutor/enroll in a prep course, I would recommend reviewing your three attempts for patterns. Best of luck!
  4. Accepted today as well cGPA: 3.6 L2: 3.8 LSAT: 164 Honours BA. Average extracurriculars. Research experience.
  5. Now that I've been accepted, I've been receiving the same questions family/friends. I think it is important to stress that - to the best of my knowledge - the 1L schedule is set and basically the same across Canadian law schools. So, as 0L students we are not expected to have a in-depth plan for our class choices and future career. I truly think its better to enter law school with an open mind and an understanding that we might change our path along the way.
  6. Thank you I submitted around the end of September and my application was forwarded for review in early October. I am over the moon because UVic is my top choice!
  7. Just got the call as well! cGPA: 3.6/4.33 GPA with drops: 3.7/4.33 LSAT: 164
  8. As much as I'd like to think they were going to start offering admissions, I have a feeling the email was sent to all applicants. I received the email today even though my application is still incomplete (I am currently in the last year of my UG and they said they would not accept my transcript until fall grades were posted). Still, we can hope!
  9. Congratulations! Did you receive an email or a phone call?
  10. Although I took the LSAT at a different testing location, I was in a similar situation. I believe it was a two hour commute on transit to my testing location at a university. To solve the phone issue, I paid admission to the campus pool and used their lockers to store my belongings. I would suggest calling the secondary school and asking if they have any lockers you could use for the day. Or, look to see if there are any pools, recreation centres, or gyms in close proximity that offer that service. LSAC may not provide lockers but lots of other places do. Best of luck tomorrow.
  11. I sat the June LSAT and, if my memory serves me well, the whole process took close to five hours. Although there may be little reason to expect the LSAT to take longer, you should prepare for that possibility. I've heard of LSATs taking the full seven hours due to last minute room changes, issues with paperwork, etc. Bring plenty of snacks, fluids, and a mindset that the LSAT could potentially last seven hours. Good luck!
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