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  1. This is a very useful advice. Thank you so much. I am thinking of spending a long-term time in Canada. As you said about a less desire in some location, Does Going to a regional prestigious school increase a chance of local employment ?
  2. Thank you for your advice! I am arising sophomore so i have not graduate yet. lol Actually,I am a law student in Thailand which has a civil system. Completly different from Canada. I would also interested in LLM too and I can take some courses to meet NCA requirment. However, I am afraid that LLM won't be fascinating enough for employer. Or else, what are the prospects of LLM's employment?
  3. I am interested in applying to Canadian law school. I have been researching for Canadian law school for a few weeks for my preparation. I have some few questions and Thank you for your answer. 1. As an international applicant, Will I have any chance to get a good scholarship from any certain law schools? 2. What is the most generous law school? 3. Which cities have the least living expense?
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