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  1. i'm using cogeco, and so far no problems.
  2. Hi, I wondering if students that have been at Windsor a while can help me out. I'm looking for an apartment in the Windsor area but i have a few criteria 1) I'm hoping to live alone so looking for a one bedroom apartment , ideally in a high-rise 2) looking for a secure building with on-site management 3) not necessary but would be ideal - a secure underground parking garage. if anyone has any leads on this please let me know!! Thanks!
  3. very important, I applied for nexus shortly after i found out i got accepted in april and i have not gotten a conditional approval yet. I'm assuming it's going to be a while.
  4. I think right now hearing don't worry, or its going to be okay isn't helpful to you. take a night off blow off some steam and then figure out what comes next. I'm sorry this happened to you. chin up because you literally have no other choice it's either pick up the pieces or be miserable. Honestly it seems like you've worked to damn hard for it to be the latter. good luck i'm sending out positive vibes into the universe for you.
  5. I got the same email, I’m pretty devastated. But luckily I have another acceptance in Ontario, not ideal as I’m a bc resident but I’m happy to be accepted somewhere stats cgpa 3.29/4.33 lsat: 156
  6. I don’t believe that’s correct, I think she got in on the waitlist for residence. Someone correct me if I am wrong please.
  7. Anyone still under evaluation? I've been under evaluation since November 28th.
  8. Anyone know if paying the deposit for the Dual JD is the same? it's also due June 1st, but it does not say that i need to send an email confirming or anything!
  9. Just realized i put this in the wrong general discussion! I don't know if a mod can move it!
  10. Hey everyone, As the title suggest i have questions about accepting offers. I have been accepted to the Windsor Dual program, and i have provisionally accepted that offer. I am also waitlisted at another school not in Ontario. My first question is: hypothetically if i get into the school that I am waitlisted at in July or later and i want to accept the offer, will it be possible for me to accept at that school even if i have paid my deposit at Windsor, or have had my provisional acceptance turn into a firm one? Essentially I'm asking do the Ontario schools and others communicate with each other at all? Thanks!
  11. 3.05 cgpa, Lsat 156 rejected today. Doesn’t really surprise me since my stats are so low. But I was accepted to dual!!
  12. I am likely going into the Windsor Dual, and just wondering if you could expand on this. Do Windsor Dual students have a rough time getting summer placements even if they get good grades? What is considered an average student?
  13. I wouldn't worry about you being introverted first off. Corporate law requires many different personality types for balance. From your post it seems that you are leaning towards law school this year. Obviously i understand your position of managing your risks, but in this case there is such good chance of it paying off. I would say taking a year off would make more sense if you were able to save for school, but since 70-80% of your income would go to debt payments, might as well go to law school, and pay the debt later no?
  14. thanks i gave them a call and sorted it out, i should see my offer on olsas soon they said!
  15. Hey all i was accepted last week on Wednesday, I haven’t received my offer through olsas and it has not updated on winsite yet either, anyone know how long that takes? Or should I call? Thanks!!
  16. moved to canada when i was a baby, and no sask connection.
  17. correct, or you could be waitlisted.
  18. I got my acceptance today and my deadline to accept is April 25th
  19. I believe that means your application is complete and you should be referred to AC soon.
  20. if you do not mind me asking -How long has it been since your arrival in canada? I also am a visible minority but uofs has not gotten back to me as yet. my application is not competitive though so
  21. sending positive energy out into the universe for you!!!
  22. accepted now! 3.05 gpa, and 156 lsat score!! i'm ecstatic!!
  23. Dear OP, Just wanted to say I am in a similar position as you except a little worse... My CGPA is 3.05/4 and L2 is 3.28 and my LSAT is only a 156. So it is not looking likely that i will get admitted this cycle either. I'm going to keep attacking though and redo LSAT if i need to, get more volunteer experience and try and get a job too. There are people on this forum in the exact same position, so do not feel like you are alone in this. I'm sending so many positive vibes out and I hope you get accepted!
  24. I received my second one too. I don't think it will be indicative of an acceptance or rejection as these emails are sent by an app called campaigner.. i just realized this too... spent way too long scrutinizing this email for clues.
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