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    I think it is more like $27k/year
  2. Unfortunately in Ontario that is not an option. In Ontario trust accounts can only have trust monies in them, even if for a few seconds while you transfer. From the LSO: "If you accept credit or debit card payments from clients, you must make arrangements with your financial institution to have retainers for future fees and disbursements paid directly into your trust account and payments for your fee bills to clients paid directly into your general account. You cannot deposit both retainers and payments into one account then immediately transfer the funds that do not belong in that account to your other account. Thus, you will either use two machines, one for your trust account and one for your general account or one machine that has the capability to deposit future fees and disbursements directly into your trust account and payments for your fee bills to clients directly into your general account."
  3. I believe that TD has a system that allows you to use one machine to deposit into the account of your choosing. I seem to recall they had a table at a CPD I attended and the TD rep spoke briefly at the CPD about this feature. I am not sure if this is an option for you, but we use LawPay to process credit card payments. If you have Clio there is no monthly fee for LawPay, just the per transaction charge. You can direct which account the payment gets deposited into, general or trust. All fees get taken out of our general account. LawPay is familiar with Law Society requirements.
  4. I apologize if this comes off as sounding harsh. But did you not research salary expectations before going to law school?
  5. And to think that there are lawyers that oppose the Statement of Principles requirement.
  6. I think you may have a misguided notion of how this all works. To get to positions like GC there are steps along the way and you have to be competitive at each step on the path. Yes there are some people with soft skills that may not get measured well in law school that go on to exceed expectations. However, those people are the exception rather than the rule.
  7. As with all things in law the answer is "it depends" I work in an area of administrative law that would be possible to do from anywhere in the world. You just need good, reliable internet service. All of my document exchange is done electronically. All mandatory meetings, settlement conferences are done via teleconference. Hearings are ether in writing or via teleconference. In theory if I had my own practice I could be practicing on the beach sipping a pina colada. The only reason I would need to be in Ontario would be for client contact/networking to ensure business kept flowing in.
  8. I agree and think that at this point anyone who isn't a racialized individual shouldn't be commenting on the thread.
  9. Can you claim CPD hours for that post?
  10. OWH

    Job Offers

    Isn't that the definition of family? 🤣
  11. I'm not sure what you call the "University district of London", I've never heard anyone else use that term. I live in London but it has been a while since I attended Western as a student. I know there are a lot more housing options on campus than there were when I attended, but in fairness we had to dodge dinosaurs to get to class. I suppose you could stay on campus your entire time at Western, but I don't know that you would want to. From the law school (or Alumni Hall where the bus stops) it would take you about 20 to 25 minutes to get right downtown (Richmond and Dundas).
  12. I live in London and I can tell you it is the world's largest small town. As others have pointed out there are many amenities here. There are some great restaurants, bars and entertainment/sports options. There are also other amenities that most students don't think about, London has world class medical facilities. However, it is very provincial. From the mentality of city hall to the citizens lack of vision. While other cities in Ontario are putting in LRTs and trying to attract younger professionals, London can't get it's act together to get decent bus service. And people bitch and moan about any change or disruption. Most of this won't matter to someone spending 3 school years in town. But you definitely do not get a "city" vibe in London. On the plus side, the real estate prices are super affordable.
  13. Are your billings business you have brought in or are they people who come to the firm because of a past relationship with the owner of the practice? If it is the former than you can ask for a percentage, if it is the later I don't think you deserve one.
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