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  1. What FingersCr0ssed said. But also, please be aware that paralegals are not allowed to draft contracts. It is outside of their permitted scope of practice. So no, paralegals can not use LawDepot contracts for their own clients.
  2. I know you are trying to be helpful, but that is the last thing this person needs. I am not an expert by any means, but the OP sounds like they have some mental health issues that need to be addressed. They need to learn to set boundaries and not have their parents enmeshed in their lives. Easier said then done. The added worry about grades and their chances of getting accepted into law school should be down on the list of priorities.
  3. Clearly written tongue in cheek.
  4. http://surlyhamiltonian.blogspot.com/2017/04/attorney-general-2016-sunshine-list.html Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title. Assistant Crown Attorney 679 $176,272.40 Counsel 543 $178,482.76 Crown Counsel 102 $182,573.93 Crown Attorney 48 $207,355.83
  5. I don't know, if I am a client facing a lengthy period of incarceration I want my lawyer to have gotten 100%
  6. This rumour pops up every time there is an exam sitting. It is just that, a rumour. If you read through the LSO website they tell you exactly how the exams are graded. (hint: not on a curve) Using best practices for licencing exams, the passing grade is determined ahead of time but not published. In theory everyone writing can pass or everyone writing can fail.
  7. There are three types of tax lawyers. Those that are good at math, and those that are not.
  8. I believe that is called "door law"
  9. There are no questions on professional responsibility, and all of the questions are on professional responsibility is the best way to describe it.
  10. You are ignoring my perfectly good and viable suggestion.
  11. How do they make that work without government funding? Not that I think the price of tuition will matter. The demand for law school spots is pretty inelastic I would say.
  12. I have a friend that works for a head hunting firm. She tells me that often times they will place posting for jobs that do not exist in order to gauge how effective certain avenues of recruiting are for them. For example, they will post on LinkedIn and see how many CVs they receive. They will then post on Indeed and compare the number and quality of CVs they received to determine which is a better recruitment source. In addition they receive a bunch of CVs that they can keep on file should a client come looking. On another note, I received a tax cut. Which I assume was paid for by the hiring freeze and cuts to social services. #ForThePeople
  13. You could work as an escort. https://www.lawtimesnews.com/author/michael-mckiernan/former-escort-turns-life-around-to-become-lawyer-9229/
  14. The licencing process is expensive enough without spending any more than you need to. On the LSO site there will be some sample questions and Emond will give you some try before you buy questions. If you can do those questions you are good to go, that is all you need. If you really want to do more practice questions form a study group. Have everyone in the study group come up with 10 to 20 questions (with answers) and then exchange questions.
  15. If anyone has any interest in assessment law there is an in house opportunity at the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) This job will give you incredible work life balance, and the pension and benefits are sweet. https://www.brainhunter.com/frontoffice/seekerJobDetailAction.do?sitecode=pl709&jobId=2325489&page=search
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