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  1. @mazzystar I think you are failing to realize the context in which you are making your comments. We are speaking about a court system where the cutting edge of technology is the fax machine. If you doubt me just try e mailing a document to the court. With respect to Ryerson specifically, every law school ever opened was going to teach law in a new, unique and better way. Ever law school ever opened ends up teaching law in the same way that all other law schools that came before it taught and teach law. Maybe I am old and cynical and don't look at the world with the bright eyed enthusiasm of a newly minted L1. But in my defence I am still waiting for the paperless office promised to me so many years ago.
  2. Your argument is not consistent. You are arguing that Ryerson due to its location in downtown Toronto will soon become one of the top law schools "second only to U of T". In order to do that it would have to surpass among others Oz, Western and Queens. You then argue that this will happen because Ryerson will attract a strong pool of candidates that would otherwise go to "the other new schools in rural areas" In order for Ryerson to rise to the top of law school rankings to be "second only to U of T" it has to attract the students that otherwise would have gone to Oz, Western, Queens, McGill, ect, not the students that otherwise would have gone to Lakehead. As others have pointed out, we already have a case study. All of the factors you cite as location advantages in law would also be location advantages in business, maybe even more so. If your theory was correct the Ryerson business school would now be ranked ahead of Western (Ivey) and Queens (Smith). That has not happened.
  3. Not a strategy, but here is a job posting for two articling students: https://www.lawpro.ca/about/careers/articling-students-two-positions/
  4. One of the ads. Whitby, ON Full-time, Contract $75,000 - $100,000 a year Salary$$75,000 to $100,000YEAR yearly for 35 hours per week Terms of employment Term or contract (ending: null) Full time Day Start date As soon as possible Benefits: Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits, Other Benefits Vacancies 1 Vacancy Placement Agency Job no. 1307039 Source Job Bank Has to be a scam, when was the last time you met a lawyer that worked only 35 hours per week.
  5. CBD also works well.
  6. I am wondering where the idea that there is a requirement to hand your unlocked phone to a police officer came from? If I have my certificate of insurance in electronic form would I not be able to find it on my phone and then while holding my phone firmly in my hand show it to the officer?
  7. Yes but Lakehead is a 4 year program.
  8. This last weekend I was at an event that was also attended by a high ranking member of the Ryerson administration. I doo not want to say what position this person holds for privacy reasons, however they were very much involved in setting up the new law school. As we were discussing the new law school this person was giving me the usual party line about how they were going to be different from all other law schools, how they were going to improve access to justice, yada yada yada. One thing this person told me that made me sit up and take notice was that Ryerson was going to run a 3 year program (no summers) AND that Ryerson graduates were going to be exempt from articling. Does anyone know if this is true? Because if it is, this is a game changer. I find it extremely hard to believe but since I did not have any facts I could not argue. (as much as I really wanted to).
  9. Nothing beats the two sides going at each other hammer and tongs, screaming at each other while you, the other rep and the DJ look at each other in stunned silent all the while thinking, " WTF is happening?"
  10. The best way to show interest in labour law is to know all of the lyrics to Solidarity Forever and belt them out with gusto in your interview.
  11. The world is literally your oyster. I am so old that when I use to work late the only choices for food were greasy pizza or Chinese (I always ordered with extra MSG) Now with foodora, doordash, ubereats, skipthedishes you can order anything you want. I can't believe that anyone would have to ask your question. Millenials do not know how good you have it.
  12. When talking to your friends you always state your income before tax. When talking to your partner/spouse you always state your income after tax.
  13. If you are going to the UK to do an LLB because you think it save you money, you need to seriously look into what it will cost you to do an LLM.
  14. It is against LSO rules to divulge information regarding the contents of the licencing exam. If you read through the LSO website it will give you all of the information you require.
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