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  1. The licencing process is expensive enough without spending any more than you need to. On the LSO site there will be some sample questions and Emond will give you some try before you buy questions. If you can do those questions you are good to go, that is all you need. If you really want to do more practice questions form a study group. Have everyone in the study group come up with 10 to 20 questions (with answers) and then exchange questions.
  2. If anyone has any interest in assessment law there is an in house opportunity at the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) This job will give you incredible work life balance, and the pension and benefits are sweet. https://www.brainhunter.com/frontoffice/seekerJobDetailAction.do?sitecode=pl709&jobId=2325489&page=search
  3. You conveniently left out that there are more options that #1. the client pays #2 the money comes out of the BD budget.
  4. No offence but that is the worst possible use of a business development budget. You are not going to refer business to yourself. What you should be doing is identifying others (lawyers, other professionals) and taking THEM out to lunch/drinks with this money. Developing those relationships will make them think of you when they have a matter to refer.
  5. Or have your eye on a Supreme Court appointment.
  6. I am not sure where you are located but the term "paralegal" means different things in different jurisdictions. In Ontario a paralegal is someone who is licenced by the LSO to provide legal services in autonomous practice. To be licenced requires a course of study, a licencing exam and you must be insured. I am not sure of the present status of the program, but in BC paralegals were authorized to provide some family law services when working under the direction of a lawyer. Unless you are in a jurisdiction that licences and regulates paralegals then what you really mean is law clerk/legal assistant.
  7. I'm sure you will get a lot of Apple iFanboys telling you how great their Mac is, but for what you use strictly for law school there is no need to spend the extra money.
  8. I have the perfect solution to put this whole LSAT on the resume issue to bed. Instead of putting it on your resume have it tattooed somewhere conspicuous on your body. When the potential employer asks "What does that 180 on your hand mean?" You can then casually slip it into the conversation. "Oh that was my LSAT score. I could have gone to U of T had I wanted"
  9. I am not sure why everyone is getting their shorts in a knot about cuts to Legal Aid. According to Doug Ford all the money from Legal Aid was not going to the people, but to more and more lawyers. So cutting LA funding is really just for the people. How can you argue with logic like that? Secondly, if your client gets denied LA, just call the premier, he has given out his cell phone number, and he will get your client legal aid. He guaranteed it. One simple call, no more forms to fill out, just call Doug. How could you be against such an efficient process?
  10. My daughter has her MScPT from U of T and is now in law school
  11. The cutting edge of technology in the Canadian court system is the fax machine. Adjust your expectations accordingly.
  12. I work in house for a corporation in the broader public sector that is unionized. That is the starting salary that our paralegals make.
  13. In an earlier post you said there are 2 lawyers plus you. Why are you dividing office overhead by 5? If you are portioning out overhead to individuals you would only do so to the individuals that are bringing in billings. The other 2 individuals are support staff and are part of the overhead.
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