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  1. Not sure where you are located, but in Ontario assessment law lends itself well to being able to live/work in a more remote area. All of the major firms that practice in this area have offices in downtown Toronto, however most of the work can be done remotely. All documents are served and exchanged electronically. A lot of the procedural steps and hearing events in the appeal process are done electronically, in writing or via teleconference. In person hearings when they do happen are usually held in the municipality where the property is located, or close to it. If you want more information on firms or lawyers that practice in this area send me a PM and I can provide you with some names.
  2. OWH

    Living near where you article? Calgary

    I don't think this trend is particular to lawyers and or articling students. The general trend over the last 20 years (give or take) has been one of urbanization and gentrification. I can't speak to Calgary, but in Toronto in the 1990's driving east on the Gardiner the first building you saw was the Skydome (as it then was). Last Tuesday I drove into downtown Toronto from the west and could not see the Rogers Centre (or whatever it's now called) from all of the condo towers.
  3. OWH

    New Paralegal Graduates

    Search Facebook. There are a number of groups on Facebook for paralegals and or paralegal students.
  4. OWH

    Quick Note re: Paralegal Discussion

    To be licenced as a paralegal (P1 class) the requirements are a course of study at a school accredited by the LSO, passing the paralegal licencing exam, being "of good character" and application to the Law Society of Ontario. There is no transitioning from being a paralegal to being a lawyer. If you a paralegal wants to become licenced as a lawyer they must go through the same process as anyone else.
  5. OWH

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    The most impressive thing about the Toronto firms is their diversity. It doesn't matter which private school you went to, you have an equal chance of getting hired.
  6. OWH

    Articling elsewhere after summering

    Rashabon, Law Society Good Character committee on line 1.
  7. OWH

    Quick Note re: Paralegal Discussion

    Thanks. I guess my definition of "investment banker" is different than whereverjustice's.
  8. OWH

    Quick Note re: Paralegal Discussion

    I'm not sure if this post is serious or you are trolling. I am going to take you at your word that you are an investment banker, even though I find that hard to believe. Have you looked into what it takes to become a paralegal in Ontario? Have you looked at the employment prospects for recently licenced paralegals? You are making an awful lot of assumptions in your post. Perhaps do some research.
  9. I personally know a current 1L student at one of those schools with inferior stats. PM me if you would like more details.
  10. In the mature category?
  11. OWH

    Free CPD?

    Here is a good one that will get you 1.5 of the new EDI hours. https://event.on24.com/eventRegistration/EventLobbyServlet?target=registration.jsp&referrer=&eventid=1572222&sessionid=1&key=841F6C146A5F741B2BC7547F189B7B4F&regTag=&sourcepage=register I think if you poke around the Aird and Berlis site there are other free CPDs on it.
  12. OWH

    Quick Note re: Paralegal Discussion

    I know a number of paralegals in similar situations. One completed his degree in the UK and is going through the NCA process right now. He is licenced as a paralegal with the LSO and works in private practice. A few others I know are in law school right now. Congrats. Hope you are enjoying it.
  13. OWH

    I need some advice

    Exactly. Your results are solely based on what you aim for on the LSAT.
  14. The third option is that the firm does not know how to properly utilize a student so that the student brings value to the firm.