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  1. OWH

    Application Fee waiver

    Where are you doing your studying right now? There is a program I know of at U of T, that is run in conjunction with the U of T law school and BLG. It includes an LSAT prep course, the LSAT (two sittings if needed), and your application fee, as well as a number of networking events.
  2. OWH

    Extreme Frustration With Jr. Crowns

    I do not do criminal defence work, so this is real from the perspective of the average citizen. This to me sounds like the broken window theory. Which is not without critics. I constantly hear that the criminal justice system is overburdened. If that is the case, and I see no reason to think it is not, I can not believe that the police would bother to charge, let alone that the crown would bother to prosecute. I would not want to calculate the amount of resources or tax dollars that would have gone into the prosecution of the theft of a $5 sandwich. Never mind the fact that the resources could be better used to deal with more serious offences.
  3. I doubt anyone is going to do a deep dive and question it, however to me extracurricular in its ordinary and plain meaning is an activity at a school pursued in addition to the normal course of study.
  4. OWH

    Non- academic student misconduct

    Not disclosing something you should have disclosed is far worse than disclosing something that you could have left off.
  5. Free man of the land would be more appropriate.
  6. OWH

    Is TRU a reputable Law School

    Dewy, Cheetham and Howe
  7. It was my understanding that the legal secretary had gone the way of the stewardess. Now they are all legal assistants and flight attendants.
  8. Clerks clerk, and assistants assist.
  9. You still have secretaries?
  10. OWH

    In Need of Some Perspective

    You have gotten some great advice from others so I am not going to repeat it. I know that as an LSO member I have access to counselling services through their Member Assistance Program (MAP). I believe that the service is also available to students. It is fully confidential and funded by LSO (ie you don't pay). Here is the link, please look into it and talk to someone. http://www.lsuc.on.ca/map/
  11. I have an Adobe account for a minimal amount per year. I can convert any PDF to a WORD document, fill and then save the fill version as a PDF.
  12. OWH

    Merit Scholarships

    My daughter had very similar stats and received merit based scholarships from all of the schools. The only problem was that she did not know the amounts the various schools would give her until she accepted and enrolled. The only exception to this was Dal. they offered her a very generous scholarship and she knew what it was going to be before she committed.
  13. OWH

    New Call & Self-Doubts

    Have you considered volunteering? It may be a way to network without networking. It will get your name and reputation out there.
  14. OWH

    The Impact of a 20-year-old Transcript

    Definitely contact the school directly. From their website: To be considered a mature student you must: Be at least 20 years old by the end of the calendar year of admission to the University; Have been out of full-time high school studies for at least two years or have returned to upgrade after a two-year absence; Have attempted less than one full year of studies at an accredited university or college; Have a favourable academic record; and Have demonstrated potential for success through academic, professional or volunteer activities and other accomplishment