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  1. Rejected today. CGPA: 2.95, L2: 3.68, LSAT: 150. Stats are estimated as i'm in fourth year, however I'm not surprised in the slightest. Better luck next year.
  2. Rejected today - stats are estimated as i'm currently in fourth year cGPA: 2.95 L2: 3.68 LSAT: 150 Not surprised at all, definitely re-taking the LSAT this summer and reapplying again next year.
  3. I'm just looking for some genuine advice regarding my chances of admission at Osgoode (filled out part B), Western, Queens and Windsor (all general). I'm currently finishing up my fourth and final year of undergrad but a 2.81 CGPA and 3.70 L2 is what I will definitely achieve (calculated with Ryn's OLSAS gpa calculator). To keep the background info short and sweet, my success in the first two years of undergrad was negatively impacted by my father's serious mental health which lead him to taking a leave of absence from work. In order to compensate I worked more part time hours ranging from 20-25 per week and I took on a bigger role in my home for both my mother and younger sister. I knew that being a lawyer is what I was passionate about so I persevered, and over time, I adapted to the stresses and overcame these circumstances, finding success in my academics and achieving an 84% average in my third year. I will maintain this average in my fourth year as well. My family doctor also gave me a medical note supporting these circumstances and outlining the details of the situation which was uploaded through SAM. I took my LSAT in January and despite having to juggle it with school and home life, it is no excuse, my score is much to be desired. PS and LOR's are strong, mediocre soft's. I will be extremely surprised if I get accepted anywhere. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  4. In Queue as of March 19. Filled out part B.
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