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  1. When did they notify you about that? Did you call in and ask, or was it over email?
  2. With a 3.76 l2 and 154 i think you'll get waitlisted
  3. I asked them how they treat INCs on a transcript, and they said they skip over it in the calculation. If it shows as a 0 (and not "INC") on your transcript, though, they'll treat is as 0 and use that in the calculation.
  4. If you use the calculation chart/method I posted (and assuming you went to a Canadian school and know whether grades on your transcript are shown as letters or percentages), that should be as good as confirming with them.
  5. @TheSaskConnection Did you calculate your L2 with this?
  6. I just spoke to them, and they said that the first round is basically complete and there'd only be a few offers rolling out this month. Next big wave will happen in April after the Mar. 31 acceptance deadline.
  7. It's obviously not a guarantee, but it's generally predictive. As the cycle goes on, we see index scores and stats (especially confirmed ones) go down.
  8. In order to help us determine our numbers easier (and since the admissions office is bogged down right now and can't confirm our GPAs until later), I've prepared something small here. It should be helpful for future admissions cycles as well. If anyone has anything to add, feel free! L2: In order to calculate your L2, you have to go back the equivalent of 60 credits, and if the last course lands in the middle of a term, you have to use that entire term. If grades on your transcript are shown as letters, you have to use this scale: Descriptor Letter Grade Grade Point Value Excellent A+ A A- 4.0 4.0 3.7 Good B+ B B- 3.3 3.0 2.7 Satisfactory C+ C C- 2.3 2.0 1.7 Poor D+ 1.3 Minimal Pass D 1.0 Failure F 0.0 If grades on your transcript are shown as letters, you have to use this scale: * Take your entire L2 percentage, and convert it to this GPA 70 = 2.5 71 = 2.6 72 = 2.7 73 = 2.8 74 = 2.9 75 = 3.0 76 = 3.1 77 = 3.2 78 = 3.3 79 = 3.4 80 = 3.5 81 = 3.6 82 = 3.7 83-84 = 3.8 85-86 = 3.9 87+ = 4.0 LSAT Averaged, with XXX.5 rounded up Index Score GPA * 22.5 + LSAT or GPA * 22.0 + LSAT Auto admit is 242 with the former and 240 with the latter, and it generally drops about 3 points until they start the holistic review.
  9. Did you ask them that over the phone recently? This is a pretty big development
  10. They should be factored into the GPA. Did you take them as part of your degree? Some schools (UBC) don't look at courses after a degree
  11. https://www.lsac.org/about/news/lsac-announces-digital-lsat-launch-schedule
  12. For those who have been accepted, is the acceptance deadline March 31? Does anyone have a deadline different than this? I saw in past accepted threads that some people had a deadline of mid-March.
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