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  1. I was rejected last week on April 3rd. cGPA: 3.5 L2: 3.7 LSAT: an astounding 155 Heavily involved with ECs and internships Was super bummed since Western was my 2nd choice.
  2. Just checked as well. No problem for me
  3. Regardless of what they're looking for, you should focus on doing as best as you can now that you're deferred.
  4. I asked a bunch of my friends and they're still in queue so yea
  5. Yea I guess so. I'm really curious as to whether it's a plus or a minus to be waitlisted as opposed to be in the queue like before.
  6. Did you guys get an email saying a change has been made to your status or did you just check Oasis and saw that you were added to the "wait pool"? The latter happened to me and I don't know if this qualifies as having been "waitlisted" and more like, we're still in the game? Idk if I'm making any sense, super confused right now
  7. Got accepted on February 23rd! cGPA: 3.5 L2: 3.7s LSAT: 155 Currently in undergrad, full course load. PS heavily geared towards international law. Lots of ECs and internships. After countless all nighters, days on end in the library, and destroying my physical and mental health, it was truly rewarding to finally see it all be worth it. Beyond ecstatic!
  8. Got the email just now. cGPA: 3.5 LSAT: 155 As a current fourth year at UofT, I'm honestly very ecstatic to be approaching my final days in this extremely unpleasant, money-hungry, apathetic institution. Good luck to everyone else and see ya never UofT. 😎
  9. Wow, that's so unprofessional.
  10. Yes, absolutely. You'd think at least ONE person on their entire communications team would say, "hey, maybe this isn't the best move after all and we're pissing off the applicants who are waiting to hear back." Also, isn't it weird and kinda illogical to get invited to an open house without being accepted yet?
  11. Don't cancel, it doesn't really make any sense unless you know for a fact that you bombed it.
  12. Hey buddy, same exact boat here. Applied to all Ontario schools + UBC except Lakehead. 3.49 cGPA and I assume a B2 somewhere in the 3.7s. I have a way worse LSAT than you (155) though I did write again in January so I'm banking on that. You definitely have a shot at Ottawa, Western, Queen's, and Windsor so don't panic. Since I'm feeling the same exact angst as you, my advice would be to minimize your visits to this forum (since it only makes you compare yourself to others and feel bad) and stop checking your student portals daily (if you do that like me) since schools will send us an email once any change has been made. We got this...(I think).
  13. Really? Is it actually still "very" early? I thought this was like mid-way.
  14. Yea, based on my own personal journey, I would also advise against rushing the LSAT IF you don't care about taking an extra year. I grew up never even knowing "gap years" were a thing, let alone the relative norm when it comes to a first year class at law school where the majority of students have taken 1+ years off since their undergraduate degree. This pushed me to rush the LSAT, taking it last summer, where I was going into my fourth year, even though I wasn't ready. When I didn't get the results I wanted, I applied to schools nonetheless because I didn't want to take a year off since it just "wasn't a thing" in my family. In retrospect, that was pretty stupid since I took the LSAT a second time while I still wasn't ready for it but by that time, I had already sent in my applications and couldn't just stand to waste some $800+ application fees plus the thought of not giving it one more chance. Even though, I definitely didn't help myself by putting 2 mediocre LSAT scores on my record. TLDR: if you don't care about taking an extra year, definitely do it.
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