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  1. TrevorPhilips

    Year 4 grades abysmal

    I'm pretty sure UofT doesn't care about 4th year grades if you're currently in 4th year. Same with UBC. You're good.
  2. TrevorPhilips

    No cellphones to test center

    Don't risk it. Just order a cab and schedule one to pick you up after the test. During my test back in summer, this one guy had to offer another person to leave his phone in his car because the LSAC people told him to just stash it somewhere outside since there was no way he could bring it in.
  3. Ottawa adcom (and all other schools that state they only look at the highest score) will wait until they receive your Jan score to make a judgment, so don't worry about that. I'm in the same boat as you. Wrote in July, got a 155, and my PTs since have been stuck in the same range. I'm signed up for the test next week and in Jan as well. I figured I might as well sit in on the next week and cancel my score afterwards if I don't feel like I did well. No point in cancelling beforehand since we would just lose all our money.
  4. TrevorPhilips

    How important are 4th year 1st semester grades?

    I got a 155, sadly.
  5. TrevorPhilips

    How important are 4th year 1st semester grades?

    I should've mentioned that I already took the LSAT in the summer and it didn't go well. I'll add that to the post now. But yea, one of the main reasons I'm asking this is that I doubt I'm going to do that well on the LSAT next week, or in Jan for that matter, so I'm really hoping that my GPA can save my ass. I'm really in a glass case of emotion right now
  6. Hey there, So, I'm currently in my 4th year and have submitted my applications. My cGPA is 3.47 and my L2 is 3.67. I know that if I manage to get As in the half-year courses I'm currently in, that will boost my cGPA to 3.5 and my L2 to 3.7 which is a pretty noticeable difference. The reason behind my question is that I'm planning to take the LSAT next week and also in January. So, I want to know how important 4th grades are to allocate the time and effort appropriately. If they aren't that important then I'll mainly focus on my LSAT prep but if they're given the same weight as previous years, then I have to change my study routine a bit. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey there! Thank you so much for doing this. I just had one question and it's regarding the LSAT: So, I've heard from a lot of people that when we indicate our intention to take the LSAT at a future date, the adcom just puts our application aside until they get the new score. But one of my friends, who is in Osgoode now, told me that he got in before he got to take his second test. So is it not true that the adcom puts our application aside? Does it make a difference if our marks are borderline but we've still indicated a future test? Thanks!
  8. TrevorPhilips

    Canceling an LSAT score

    Though I don't know for a fact, I can safely assume that cancelling your score will look bad. If you pretty much have your mind set on cancelling your score regardless, then I really don't see a point of you wanting to sit in on the test in 2 weeks. I would just recommend you bite the $2-300 bullet and just cancel your test now and study for the Jan test. I see absolutely 0 benefit in you taking the test in November. Also, once you indicate that you're taking the test at a future time, the AC won't even look at your file until they've received all your test scores.
  9. Under the "LSAT" section on OLSAS, there is an option where you can clearly indicate that you'll be taking the test in the future. My understanding after talking to the Osgoode rep (also my pipedream) is that when you indicate that you intend on taking the test in the future, they just put your application aside and look at it once your new score is in. There's a major caveat and that is since you've already taken the LSAT once and didn't cancel your score, all the schools you apply to will still look at your score. But the upside is that Osgoode (and the majority of schools in Canada) make their decision based your top score!
  10. When applying to law schools through OLSAS, there is an option under the "LSAT" section where you can clearly indicate that you will be taking the test in the future. So in your situation, you must indicate that you intend on taking the test once in November and another time in January. Super simple!
  11. TrevorPhilips

    November or January LSAT date?

    So I was at the LSAC forum in Toronto and asked the same exact question from 5 different school representatives and got essentially the same answer from all: if you think that taking the LSAT in November will hinder your academic performance, then it's more worth it to take the test in January. I'm in the same exact boat as you. I took my LSAT in July, didn't get the score I wanted, and now I'm signed up for November and was (still am tbh) contemplating to push it back to January. For now, I'm sticking to the November date because I really just want to get this goddamn test over with.
  12. TrevorPhilips

    Have to shave

    Yep, I was in the same exact boat as you. I grew the greatest exam beard you've ever seen. Then come the night of my exam in July and I was reading the LSAC ticket and I saw that I had to shave. 2 things on that. First, I would say the possibility of you not being let into the exam room highly depends on who's working and checking IDs the day of the test. If they're a lenient person and you don't look completely unlike your picture, then they'll probably let you in. Second, I would advise on NOT bringing a shaver. I personally think it makes the situation more suspicious if you're initially not let in the exam room, then step outside for 4 minutes, come back and your beard is gone. Idk, I would say you studied months for this moment, don't let a beard hinder your chances. Shave.
  13. TrevorPhilips

    Should I withdraw from the LSAT?!

    Will do! Thanks a bunch Also, if you're cool with sharing, what school will you be attending this fall?
  14. TrevorPhilips

    Should I withdraw from the LSAT?!

    My issue with LG is strictly time at this point. I have (near) perfect accuracy on the 3 games I attempt but I absolutely have no idea how else I can fire through the games faster than I already do. So I end up guessing on the last game. Do you have any last minute tips on improving my speed?
  15. TrevorPhilips

    Should I withdraw from the LSAT?!

    Hey, thanks a bunch for replying! As I mentioned above, I think I will go ahead and write the test on Monday since the re-write argument may have been a rumour after all. On another note, would you happen to know which schools are the ones that average your LSAT score?