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  1. Like you mentioned yourself, right now is far too early in your legal career to pigeonhole yourself to a specific area of the law (assuming you're in 1L). If you start telling yourself "I only like and am good at X & Y class", then you may never explore some fascinating fields and classes that you would have otherwise experienced. That being said, real estate transactions is literally property + contract law lol.
  2. Western would be your best best since 1) They specifically look at L2/B2 for your GPA and 2) They have a strong focus on business law. Queen's would be your next choice since I *think* they also do L2 but I could be wrong. cGPA of 2.7 doesn't give you much leeway with other schools, such as Allard, which consider at all years.
  3. 5 hours is more than manageable. Plus, if you didn't have a job, then you should've tried to fill that 5h/week slot with an extracurricular.
  4. It's a long shot but considering that changes came into effect April 1st, does anyone think this will be applied retroactively to the last semester/year?
  5. Can you share the link/source for those stats?
  6. 1L here, how do you guys think this is going to affect our OCI prospects?
  7. I've heard the same from my school's advisor.
  8. "That's like slapping god across the face for giving you a gorgeous gift." - Seth, Superbad.
  9. I hear Western cares a lot about the LSAT. I had close to a 3.8 best 2 years and a 155 and was rejected first round. You have a better shot at Ottawa and Queen's I'd say
  10. Yea no fluff! I didn't add anything than wasn't there on my other statements
  11. Oh what?! Are you saying that it's the same exact email that gets sent every year or each one refers to a different incident that took place in that year?
  12. I personally haven't heard or seen any discriminatory language or conduct. Also, I'm interested to know whether this was regarding criticism of the curriculum or outright inflammatory statements. Would love to get some of your guys' take on it
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