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  1. Blakes specifically has a pre-law program (it was joint with TD back when I was in undergrad) and I saw on Goodmans' website a few weeks ago that pre-law students can email the recruiters. I'm sure you can find more and accurate info on their websites! Edit: forgot about Osler. Osler, I think, hires for regular admin jobs so not specifically pre-law gigs and that's why I included them.
  2. Goodmans and Blakes are known to take on pre-law kids. Osler too.
  3. Rt on this. That was the sole reason I didn't even bother applying to Ottawa because paying ~1000 for legal work in a major city with high costs of living is just bonkers. To OP, the pay for most big firms is around $1000.
  4. Tb to Blakes sending PFOs using their in-firm rejection template and then sending a follow-up email "yea still PFO" but now with OCI template 😘
  5. Can you share which firms were behavioural?
  6. Same exact boat here and I finally decided that unless I can get my 6th interview to be on Day 2, I'm gonna bite the bullet and only accept 5 in-firms, and tackle the 2 social events the night of. 6 interviews + 2 social events in one day is just not, at least for me, feasible.
  7. ITC KPMG just now (Ottawa) Also late but ITC Stikes and Cassels two nights ago
  8. Sure, I never said picking one school over another completely closes doors to a career path but it's a fact that picking the "better" school will give you a statistical advantage (more OCI slots), especially when it comes to Big Law. And yes, I acknowledged familial/personal obligations may lead someone to pick one school over another. Your point on a category for this whole issue being on this forum is taken.
  9. I never get the point of these posts. I know people love to say "all Canadian law schools are good" but as a current uOttawa 2L going through recruits, it will always be the objectively better school when it comes to these comparisons (I.e. Uoft over Queens over Ottawa over Windsor over Saskatchewan etc.). 100% go to Ottawa unless you have some familial obligations or medical restrictions that require you to stay in Toronto.
  10. It depends but all my uOttawa friends got PFOs from Davies and then Blakes so yea maybe. Just email a few firms and ask if they received your application. What will you lose?
  11. To echo SalGoodMan, I recommend definitely getting some successful upper years (they're a better resource than Career Centre imo) to take a look at your cover letter and resume and give some pointers before applying to Blaney and others because A- average and applicable work experience should've landed you at least some OCIs.
  12. Yea "1L recruit" and "bad grades" can't be in the same sentence. Straights As or PFO.
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