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  1. Did you notice a difference between a disclosed test and a non disclosed test in terms of content or difficulty?? im nervous lsac is gonna pull some sneaky shit on a non disclosed test
  2. kittenlover

    Crazy practice score fluctuation

    This is just my experience but when I was writing for the first time, I was so nervous leading up. Every time I did a section / test I would get worse and worse and panic and panic and it would all just spiral. I was so much less nervous my second time around and, admittedly I’m not an LSAT wizard either, but the lack of nerves totally helped me the second write. Youve been studing your ass off!! You know this stuff so try not to be so hard on yourself. I’m sure your days off aren’t feeling so good because you’re not truly relaxing. I did the same thing. Some of the best advice I received was “think of your worst case scenario happening and realize you’d still be okay”. Be nice to yourself!! Your scores are already amazing and you’re going to do great on the 26th! I’ll be writing then too
  3. kittenlover

    Accepted to Queens 2019

    In!!! Cgpa: 3.57 l2: 3.79 lsat: 159, 162
  4. Hi Ryn, i appreciate all the insight into the admission process, thanks for taking the time to answers all these questions just wondering how admissions would look at course loads, or if they did at all. In your experience, did you see high gpa when only three courses were being taken as less impressive?
  5. kittenlover

    Accepted to Calgary 2019

    Congrats guys 🙂 i have similar stats but I’m still waiting 😞 do you guys mind sharing your cgpa?
  6. kittenlover

    Accepted 2019

    In! Cgpa: 3.57 l2: 3.79 lsat 159 (waiting for my second score)
  7. kittenlover

    Paragraphs on OLSAS

    I personally just kept a space between each paragraph, but didn't indent. Also make sure your quotation marks/apostrophes/hyphens etc. haven't disappeared! For some reason when I saved the submission of my personal statements, those all disappeared and I had to go back in to add them again.