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  1. Does anyone know what the GPA cut off is to be a tutor for 1Ls, if there is one?
  2. I’m in utter shock, was really anticipating a rejection soon but just got my acceptance!! Cgpa 3.57 L2 3.79 lsat 159 162 ECs I would say maybe slightly above average? Good LORs. General applicant, filled out part B. Went into queue nov 11.
  3. Hey! Do you still have this book? And are you still selling??
  4. Good! You should be hopeful!! My ecs are also very average and my personal statement was decent but nothing extraordinary. You got this!
  5. The offer showed up on OLSAS this morning and then I checked uozone. But I didn’t get any email !
  6. Accepted! Cgpa 3.57 L2 3.79 lsat 162
  7. Just got the email cgpa 3.57 l2 3.79 lsat 162 Nice of them to let us know before April 1 so we can accept other offers I think!
  8. Accepted yesterday! Cgpa 3.57 L2 3.79 Lsat 159, 162
  9. Thanks to all of you guys, this is a huge help in navigating the situation and deciding how to proceed. I appreciate all the info and kind words!! 😀
  10. I’m not in law school yet, starting this September. I basically do set date and small adjournments as well as organizational/administrative office work. I’m interning as in im not paid so not technically employed. I don’t want to leave the position because I see it as an incredible opportunity that I don’t want to throw away. I did need to hear that this isn’t a stereotype for criminal lawyers as I was worried working for scary people would be a bit of a trend. Thanks for the insight!!
  11. Hi! I wanted to know if anyone had an insight into what I can expect for my future career. What you should know is at the moment I want to pursue a career in criminal defence. Currently I work (actually I intern because I’m not paid lol) at a criminal defence office, basically working (sorry interning) under one lawyer. What I’m finding is the person I work for is a very talented and well respected defence lawyer..... but they are very mean, disorganized and terrible at communicating what is of expected of me. I’m concerned that I don’t have the personality to be in criminal law because my bosses comments sometimes affect me and I find myself hating my position even though I’m doing what I love. Has anyone else worked under a tyrannical lawyer? If so, any tips about how I can learn to survive my boss lol
  12. Hahaha I have very similar stats too, cgpa 3.57 and 162 lsat. Good luck to you both!!
  13. Did you notice a difference between a disclosed test and a non disclosed test in terms of content or difficulty?? im nervous lsac is gonna pull some sneaky shit on a non disclosed test
  14. This is just my experience but when I was writing for the first time, I was so nervous leading up. Every time I did a section / test I would get worse and worse and panic and panic and it would all just spiral. I was so much less nervous my second time around and, admittedly I’m not an LSAT wizard either, but the lack of nerves totally helped me the second write. Youve been studing your ass off!! You know this stuff so try not to be so hard on yourself. I’m sure your days off aren’t feeling so good because you’re not truly relaxing. I did the same thing. Some of the best advice I received was “think of your worst case scenario happening and realize you’d still be okay”. Be nice to yourself!! Your scores are already amazing and you’re going to do great on the 26th! I’ll be writing then too
  15. In!!! Cgpa: 3.57 l2: 3.79 lsat: 159, 162
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