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  1. https://ibb.co/1RBK14T Hi there! I’ve provided a link displaying the books I have for sale. I’m from the Ottawa region. Direct message me if you are interested.
  2. It’s not over until it’s over! I had applied to one law school and remained on their wait list for 5 months, only to be accepted during orientation week. I did begin to prepare for the next cycle near the end of the summer. My advice would be to do the same - prepare yourself whether that be studying to increase your LSAT, volunteering, and/or work on PS (just in case) I sent a letter of continued interest near the end of the summer, as well. All the best!
  3. No I am not! I’ll be moving in the next few days
  4. Accepted today 😭 can’t believe I’m writing this! 3.48 152 highest MA
  5. Hi! I’m getting back into studying and I have heard great things about the Fox LR book however from listening to their Podcast I am aware that they recommend reading stimulus before question stem. I have already dabbled with this method and the opposite has worked best for me. Is their book still worthwhile for me in this case?
  6. Do they look at all undergraduate level courses? For instance I have two undergraduate degrees so will they combine both to calculate gpa?
  7. That’s very helpful. Thank you!
  8. What about any insight into the single?! Fingers crossed
  9. Yes, that’s what I meant. Thank you for the reply!
  10. Hi! I’m already starting to look into redoing my personal statement for the next cycle. I was wondering if any successful applicants from this cycle or previous ones would share some guidance?
  11. I’ve been waiting to hear something since March 18th. This is brutal!
  12. It seems that the count only begins after July 2019 is that correct? I’m looking at the second last bullet in the picture!
  13. Thank you for your input!
  14. Hi! I am hoping to get some opinions here. I am debating signing up for the July Lsat. I know I will have to take it again in October or November. So I am wondering how bad a cancellation looks on file (which will most likely be the case) because I haven’t studied much since September and I will likely not have all that much time leading up until the July test as I am working full time, working as a research assistant and writing a major research paper for my masters program... The reason I am so inclined to take the July test is to hopefully familiarize myself with the digital testing plus I’ll have the option to cancel and retake for free in oct/nov which I am already planning on signing up for. If I were to cancel the July test I would have a 142, 152, cancellation on file. Thanks for reading my post!
  15. Yes! I’d be interested come September if you want to keep me in mind
  16. I didn't. Whats in the email and what is your status?
  17. Once referred to admissions committee how long did it take for your file to have a decision made, including waitlisted? I'm sure it varies but I'm curious to see if there's an average timeline! Thanks!
  18. How is it full already they haven't even seen my file?! I'm in pending review
  19. Was the deadline not November 1st?
  20. I did as well! I think it's been sent to everyone.
  21. Ah well I decided to pay the $12 and send my fall grades! I don't think there's anything to lose
  22. Does this apply for a Masters degree as well? I'm currently doing my Masters and am now wondering if any action needs to be taken on my end?
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