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  1. I didn't. Whats in the email and what is your status?
  2. Once referred to admissions committee how long did it take for your file to have a decision made, including waitlisted? I'm sure it varies but I'm curious to see if there's an average timeline! Thanks!
  3. How is it full already they haven't even seen my file?! I'm in pending review
  4. Was the deadline not November 1st?
  5. I did as well! I think it's been sent to everyone.
  6. Ah well I decided to pay the $12 and send my fall grades! I don't think there's anything to lose
  7. Does this apply for a Masters degree as well? I'm currently doing my Masters and am now wondering if any action needs to be taken on my end?
  8. I called to ask and the woman told me there was no harm although not required!
  9. How did you make your uwindsor account?
  10. I'm applying through OLSAS and I am wondering if the number of law school(s) you apply to within Ontario is made available to the admissions committee?
  11. This makes me feel better, I intend to call again. Thanks most of you for the positive support
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