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  1. MC123

    Reference letters question

    I'm only applying to Windsor so do you think I should send them the three? Two would be academic... and one non academic
  2. Hi all! So I am aware that Windsor requires two letters of reference... However, I am wondering what your opinion is on sending three? I have three very strong letters, or is this an absolute no? Thank you, be nice!
  3. MC123

    Uottawa PS

    Thank you!
  4. MC123

    Uottawa PS

    Awesome thanks! I figured it'd be a pretty large cap considering all the criteria they recommend be addressed
  5. MC123

    Uottawa PS

    I'm on the website and I see all the criteria that should be covered in the PS but there is no mention of the length the PS should be. Does anyone have any insight? I'd like to know before I begin! Thanks in advance!
  6. I have completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education... Could someone please tell me how this will likely be calculated/ considered in Ontario? 3.3 first degree and 3.9 in the second
  7. MC123

    Ontario school applicants

    Thanks I checked their site again and it's now listed haha! You're right!
  8. Does anyone know when the OLSA website is going to be updated for this upcoming cycle? I want to get started on uploading what I can!
  9. MC123


    Thank you all! Very helpful!
  10. MC123


    Well considering they've asked me if there was anything in particular I wanted them to mention... That would be why I'm seeking the forums advice!
  11. MC123


    What should my LORs be saying about me? I am trying to guide a professor and my former varsity coach. In other words, what do the law school's want to hear from each of my referees?