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  1. MC123

    Fall Grades

    Ah well I decided to pay the $12 and send my fall grades! I don't think there's anything to lose
  2. MC123

    Fall Grades

    Does this apply for a Masters degree as well? I'm currently doing my Masters and am now wondering if any action needs to be taken on my end?
  3. MC123

    Submitting CV?

    I called to ask and the woman told me there was no harm although not required!
  4. MC123


    How did you make your uwindsor account?
  5. MC123

    Admission Q

    Thank you all!
  6. MC123

    Admission Q

    I'm applying through OLSAS and I am wondering if the number of law school(s) you apply to within Ontario is made available to the admissions committee?
  7. MC123

    I messed up

    I have my reasons haha!
  8. MC123

    I messed up

    Please do update me!
  9. MC123

    I messed up

    This makes me feel better, I intend to call again. Thanks most of you for the positive support
  10. MC123

    I messed up

    I called and asked how the process works if I plan to take Nov and she said no problem we average your scores when Nov comes in
  11. MC123

    I messed up

    I am so upset with myself. Windsor is my target school, in fact it's the only law school that appeals to me and that I am applying to. I was under the impression they took your highest score on the lsat. I just found out they average your takes. I scored a 142 in July and I knew I did horrible but I didn't cancel even though I knew how badly I had done. I didn't cancel also because it was my first take and I knew I would be able to get the $1400 back from Kaplan under their higher score guaranteed policy. I am so mad at myself for not realizing windsor averages your lsat takes. I certainly did better in September but no where high enough to recover from that sting in July. I don't even know where to pick up from here 🙁
  12. MC123

    Exchange transcripts Q

    Damn there's absolutely no way I'd get them on time. Not joking it's a different place over there. Should I just remove that institution as it will pop up anyways on my transcript and resume? I mean it was only a semester and it is present on my current transcript..
  13. Hi! I took part in a semester abroad during my undergrad. My transcript from my home institution in Canada shows my P for pass in all my courses while abroad. On OUAC it says it's pending transcripts from the institution in Italy. Will I still be able to submit my application even if that section says incomplete? (The transcript from the Italian institution is on my Canadian uni transcript) Thanks in advance
  14. MC123

    Reference letters question

    I'm only applying to Windsor so do you think I should send them the three? Two would be academic... and one non academic
  15. Hi all! So I am aware that Windsor requires two letters of reference... However, I am wondering what your opinion is on sending three? I have three very strong letters, or is this an absolute no? Thank you, be nice!