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  1. I don't know your age but there are plenty of mature students in law school in Canada. Your LSAT score sounds great and I believe that if you re-wrote and scored higher to make up for an uncompetitive GPA, you may have a fighting chance of getting into law school in Canada next round. I think spending some additional time on your application now is worth it in the long run. There is a stigma attached to UK law degrees for a reason. As other posters have mentioned, students who are not competitive in Canada go to the UK. On a more practical note, you have raised your age as a concern. With the knowledge that in the UK, law school is an undergraduate degree and not a professional degree, do you really want to learn about the law with a cohort of 18 year olds? Don't throw in the towel when you may still have a chance here, if law school is your goal.
  2. OP never said anything about having a family to support. You and OP do not have the same circumstances. Perhaps the NCA route would be easier for you because you are foreign qualified and have 5 years of experience outside of Canada. However, if someone knows they want to practice in Canada from the point at which they are finishing their undergraduate degree, it 100% makes more sense to go the JD route and not the NCA route since that person would receive a Canadian legal education and would have access to Canadian career connections through their law school (including the formal recruitment processes for law students).
  3. The above poster is 100% right. The only point I'll add is that while I am a Canadian, like yourself, I also had no connections to the Canadian legal market prior to law school. The value in completing a JD is that making those connections is that much easier via your peers, the recruitment processes, any volunteer or clinic work, etc. As a result, having a JD increases your chances of entering the legal market faster.
  4. Alternate plans? You can't currently travel and all law firms on-boarding students are facing the same circumstances as your firm. Unless you are referring to working part-time outside of law, sit tight, finish your coursework and try to enjoy free time as much as you can.
  5. You are 19 years old and have time on your hands. Why not spend that time learning Canadian law, at a Canadian law school, where you will have access to a school's Career Development Office and other resources. I'm not a fortune teller, but I think that may save you time in the future.
  6. Both of the clinics you mentioned will not be available to you until 2L anyway (and are great opportunities), with applications available in January of 1L. You will definitely be able to take advantage of the clinic opportunities once this situation passes.
  7. This was an option during the last strike. However, the option was for a blanket pass/fail. You couldn't select pass/fail option for some courses and not others. For all courses you had in that semester, the choice was either to receive a grade or pass/fail. There is currently no news about what Osgoode is doing for exams due to COVID as of yet.
  8. I don't know anyone that did the Legal Theory seminar either. The perspective options are great, but they vary based on what you choose. Generally, there is a 60-70% paper, presentation or assignment, and participation grades. There is a good variety of courses to choose between.
  9. You do complete substantive legal work in the internships. However, you only work in the area of practice that you are hired in, despite them having other practice areas - hence, not "typical"
  10. It's hard to say for certainty what your chances are but your grades are great and you should be very proud of yourself, regardless of whether or not you secure an interview (or even one of the few jobs available) in the 1L recruit. It is my opinion that you are likely to get an interview based on your grades. However, I would emphasize also reviewing your resume to ensure you have properly highlighted any interesting experiences you have had prior or during law school, that you could talk about during your interview.
  11. How do you have offers at other firms if you have not yet begun law school? This thread is very odd to me.
  12. I begin articling earlier than this. However, I do want to minimize potential regrets as much as possible so definitely taking this into account. Thanks!
  13. Thanks to each of you. I will take your perspectives into account. My goal would be to be back by or before May 1st, if I did end up planning something. I feel like I will want a week break between 3L exams and beginning intensive bar prep!
  14. It's a tight squeeze but based on responses, that seems like a better plan. Thanks!
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