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  1. thanks for the response! It looks like I'll have to hit the mall ☹️
  2. Hey - me again! What is the dress code like for the boat cruise and the Dean's Gala? The boat cruise says "semi-formal black and white".... should I take that to mean like professional formal or just dressing up? Frankly, how much cleavage is acceptable? I don't have much in my closet in terms of black and white semi-formal attire, so idk if I need to buy something new for this event (i'd rather not).
  3. get yourself into a routine, wake up at the same time every day during the week before the test and write a prep test at the time of the real test (but take the day before off). Also, idk if this is a problem for you, but I always have to pee when i'm nervous!! For this reason, I used caffeine pills instead of coffee (and used these pills regularly while writing prep tests in order to simulate test-day conditions)
  4. Do you have to reprint and sign documents and send them to York if you received OSAP at another institution during undergrad? OSAP did not mention anything about this in my "next steps", but Osgoode's financial aid says "Once you have completed your online application, you must submit your signature pages and supporting documentation directly to York’s Office of Student Financial Services".
  5. I also submitted my application in May, so I have no idea what the hold up is. I tried calling York financial services as well and was met with a dead line. It's definitely disconcerting that we are unable to reach our own financial services office . I'm not sure if I should be worried, or continue to wait it out.
  6. Are there any incoming Oz 1Ls that have their funding calculated by OSAP? I applied months ago, but my status has been "information about your tuition and book costs is required from your school before your funding can be calculated. Your school will provide this information to the ministry electronically" since July 11th. I'm just wondering if there is a problem with OSAP or a problem on Osgoode's end so that I know who to call to make sure everything is in order.
  7. Do we get any sort of student discount on a TTC pass? If so, how much is the discount and when can we get it?
  8. if you are trying to implement specific strategies during your practice tests (e.g. the powerscore method or something) it is normal for your score to go down before it goes up. Its similar to learning to type properly -- when you first implement the proper technique it slows you down, but once you master it you are able to type far faster than you ever could before. I would give it a little more time before you start to panic. Alternatively, you could try something new! I believe 7sage has a money back guarantee on their online courses so you could check them out and then get a refund if you still are not seeing improvements
  9. Also, is there a microwave that we will have access to?
  10. What do you typically take to school each day in your backpack? A laptop is a given, but do you typically carry textbooks? Or anything else? I'm wondering if I should trade in my trusty backpack for a larger model
  11. is the letter at the end of each course code on myyorku your section?
  12. I think that the way that Osgoode structured their personal statement made it much more difficult to do a narrative response than other Ontario schools. They have two separate questions (something like why do you want to go to law school + name any relevant extracurricular/achievements). I found that the way they split the personal statement into two questions (with very small character counts) makes it difficult to develop/maintain a narrative.
  13. At the recent welcome day I was told that 1Ls can apply for volunteer positions at CLASP clinics. They said that there is a generic application question that you fill out and then you rank your clinic choices. Does anyone remember what the application question is and the general word limit? Also, since (in my understanding) you have to use the same application to apply to several choices, do you just cater your response to your top choice or do you try to make it applicable to everything you are applying to? Lastly, can you only be accepted to one clinic? TIA!
  14. You can take the november or feb test and still be accepted in the upcoming cycle. If you're not set on spending a year doing a masters (i.e. you don't think it will add substantial value to your law degree), you may as well apply to a couple L2 schools this cycle.
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