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  1. Received the email this morning (Feb-04-2019)! Last name starts with 'CO'. LSAT: 165 cGPA: 2.65 (I know, I'm really shocked I got in, frankly) L2: 3.01 B2: 3.27 Applied under the Access category on the grounds of ADHD and anxiety. Good luck everyone! Edit: Forgot to add my softs: I graduated from Western in 2018 with a BSc, I had decent EC but nothing special, unremarkable work experience, and probably above average refs.
  2. Despite a fairly strong LSAT, I'm wondering if I've killed my chances with my GPA. Any input is greatly appreciated! I'm also considering applying to Western as an Access student on mental health grounds (for anxiety and ADHD - I have diagnoses for both). I'd appreciate some insight from anyone who's familiar with the Access program who may be able to shed some light on how it might be relevant to my situation. Thanks in advance.
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