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  1. So I would say I have a competitive LSAT score (170) but my GPA is subpar both cumulatively and in my L2. It's below the minimum cutoff for almost every Canadian school. I'm currently back at school for another year to improve my grades and hopefully increase my chances for an L2 school. My question is, how do law schools look at students who have applied more than once? Do they care at all? Should I still apply this year knowing most likely I won't get in, but so they have on record how much my second application improved over my first? All advice is much appreciated!
  2. Hello everyone, So long story short I recently finished my undergrad last year. For many reasons including some that were out of my control, I did not succeed academically. Depending on how each Ontario Law School looks at GPA we're looking at a CGPA of 2.0-2.3 and a L2 GPA of 2.3-2.7. The one thing that I have going for me is an LSAT score of 170, which I achieved once I finally got motivated to get my act together once I finished school. However, I'm aware that GPA is valued more for Candian Law Schools, which is what I would be aiming for. I'm looking for advice on whether to go back to school for a second undergrad degree (or just take a full course load for a couple of years while not being registered in a program) or to forget about my GPA completely and gain some work experience and try my hand at applying with my current stats over the next few years. Worth mentioning, although it's subjective, I believe that I would be able to produce strong personal statements and reference letters. Also, I believe that I would be able to qualify as an access applicant for schools that offer that category and could provide the medical documentation to support my case. I know that my stats aren't too promising, but I am now more dedicated than ever to make it into law school and will do what it takes to get there. If I need to do more school, then I will but I know how hard it is to see notable changes in CGPA the more years you do, so I would mostly be relying on schools that focus on L2 with this route. On the other hand, I would prefer a couple of years of more school over waiting 5 more years before I can apply as a mature student. Any thoughts are much appreciated.
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