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  1. OP After my first year of undergrad I was an unlikely law school prospect. Ultimately, I was able to turn things around and get into Queens, Osgoode, and Western. I want to caution you on your belief that you can show up in your third year and transform from a 2.3 student into a 3.9 or 4.0, regardless of what your true potential is. Putting in the requisite effort to be a 4.0 student is just the first step. It takes time to learn how to execute on that level so you can consistently be in the top 10% of each class you are in. Your entire focus at this point should be: how can I get from where I am to a 3.7 or better? Don’t give another thought to the LSAT, or the basis to which different law schools evaluate applications. When I was early in this process I tried to not waste time agonizing over law school admissions. Instead I just got absorbed in the courses I was taking. It seemed to work out for me. One step at a time.
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