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  1. I applied for several scholarships (including the entrance one) and my application has been declined. I am on OSAP and was not expecting to not get any scholarships. Does anyone know how common scholarships are (if I possibly made a mistake somewhere) or is in a similar situation?
  2. I must add that I did not recieve any call, email or mail about my acceptance. I only got an automatic email saying a decision has been made and to check my account.
  3. Accepted on Nov 26. Phone call followed by email and physical acceptance letter by mail. 155 GPA: 3.46/4 L2: 3.57 General
  4. Accepted on the 19th as well 155 GPA: 3.46 L2: 3.57 General. JD & Dual JD
  5. It seems like everyone is advising against residence. Thanks for the input ☺️☺️ Renting a place alone would cost around the same as residence. So I will most likely share a place. Fingers crossed I get decent (considerate) housemates.
  6. I'm not familiar with Ottawa and the Ottawa region and would appreciate some advice on housing. Uottawa's campus seems to be large with many housing options (some new). Would you recommend a 1L student to live off campus/non residence? Which one of the residence buildings would you recommend?
  7. Well I have seen many posts about people wanting to get their degrees from the US and returning but not a lot about actually moving there. If there are better opportunities there and it's not a hassle then it makes sense, why not.
  8. Thank you! It also is less straightforward than it seems as we don't have access to federal US student loans and would need work visa.
  9. Sorry in advance for the loaded question/post. I'm looking into us law schools (outside the top ones) and practicing there (eastern states such as NY, NJ, DC) and would appreciate any insight into this. I only have Canadian citizenship.
  10. What are my chances in getting into Ontario law schools with the following marks? Also, Will Master's degree help my application? Thanks in advance CGPA: 3.46/4 L2(and B2): 3.57 L3(and B3): 3.54 153
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