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  1. I posted a while back earlier this year, but now that I have the official OLSAS cgpa I'd like to send the feelers out again for a better idea. I've applied to a lot of schools, I don't expect much for U of T, UBC, or Osgoode. I'm hoping for acceptances from UVic, Dal, Western, Queen's, Ottawa, and Windsor. I have used the online predictor for Ontario, but I'm not sure which schools are more L2 based and whether the calculator takes that into account. GPA is 3.7/4.33 for UVic, and 81% after drops for UBC. Decent ECs and references, strong personal statement (IMO). Thanks in advance!
  2. You're not the only one, same thing for me. I emailed them, and it's all fine.
  3. I figured that I might as well include anything of substance I've done since high school, but since it was such a short term, I guess I probably should reconsider including it. Also, it wasn't the Ontario election, it was BC, so don't think Doug Ford can help me there
  4. I've been working on my OLSAS application, and I wonder if I can list myself as a verifier, and provide a further explanation in the comments section? I worked as a voting officer for a provincial election recently, and since it was literally only a two day job (a day of training and then the actual day of work), I don't remember who any of my supervisors were or their contact information. I do have an official record of employment. I could mention in the comments that I can provide a record of employment upon request. Is this ok, or would I be better off not listing a verifier at all?
  5. I got a 162 on the June LSAT, which I'm actually quite happy with, but I would love to have some clarity on what my chances are so I can decide to retake. I would really prefer not to, pretty much fed up with LSAT studying and I don't want to retake if I don't want to. My CGPA is 3.54 on the OLSAS scale (I've been consistent throughout university so my L2 is just slightly higher at 3.55). Obviously LSAT is 162, decent extracurriculurs and strong references. I'm planning on applying to Dalhousie, UBC, UVic, and essentially every law school in Ontario
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