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  1. It's too early. The next wave of acceptances for many schools should be over the next couple of weeks. Your L2 and LSAT are too good to count yourself out right now.
  2. I really think it's the fact that you've only done two years. You need to be truly exceptional to get in a year early. Your stats are great, and if you maintain that GPA and apply when you're closer to finishing undergrad you're very likely in
  3. I took an online course from Kaplan. My diagnostic score was a 148 and after a solid month of study with their instructors, materials, and questions I ended up with a 162. I can say with certainty that their style matched perfectly with how I study and what I was looking for in a study course. I promise I don't work for them and this isn't an ad, but echoing what was said above you really should do your research and look around to see what works. To answer your original question, yes a prep course/tutor absolutely will help if you pick the right one.
  4. My numbers are almost exactly the same as you (3.56 cGPA, 3.61 L2, 162 LSAT). I'm honestly not expecting an offer soon, but good luck to both of us I guess 😄
  5. Exact same thing for me, I emailed them and they asked me to contact again in Spring
  6. You're in with that GPA and ECs. If you rewrite and get at least a 160, you'll probably have your pick of any law school in Canada
  7. Thanks, this helps. I know I'm not in auto-admit territory, but I'm close to it and my EC's are decent, so I'm just hoping for the best
  8. My status changed today to Committee for Review, after being at app forwarded for review for a long time. Does anyone know what the difference between these two statuses are, and does this mean I may be hearing from them relatively soon?
  9. Applied in early October (can't remember the exact date), accepted on January 16
  10. Woke up to an acceptance today via email from Rose cGPA: 3.7/4.33 L2: I've been pretty consistent throughout undergrad, so it's only slightly higher at 3.75 LSAT: 162 BC Resident, decent extracurriculurs and letters, strong personal statement.
  11. Just realized I was accepted after my updated transcript was processed, and I can't seem to find the edit function on this post, so I'll just update my stats here. cGPA: 3.56 L2: 3.61
  12. I didn't email anyone, but it works fine now. Guess it was just a temporary glitch or something.
  13. My application was recently referred for review, and since I'm not on auto admit territory with my index I'm expecting to be waitlisted at some point. Am I safe in assuming I have a good shot at being admitted off the waitlist since my index is almost at auto admit territory? I have good EC's and I thought my PS was good, although of course that's a subjective assessment.
  14. I was under the referred for review status for weeks, then the referred for admissions committee for about a week, then I was accepted. Going through the forums it seems that once you get to the referred for admissions committee stage, it should only be a matter of weeks before you get a decision
  15. Logged in to check my status today and it says "No Application Status Information Found. Please try again tomorrow". Anybody else getting this? I've been checking on a weekly basis since November and haven't had this happen before
  16. Accepted today! cGPA: 3.54 L2: 3.57 LSAT 162 Decent ECs and LORs, strong personal statement. BC resident.
  17. When was your file placed in queue for review? I've got a better LSAT score than you but a worse cGPA, and I've still been in queue since early November.
  18. Nov 9, I'm assuming this is a competition at this point.
  19. Does anyone know if Dalhousie requires updated transcripts since I'm currently in school and just finished a term in December? I emailed them but I haven't got a response back. I'm hoping they do since I had a good term and bumped up my GPA.
  20. Word of advice, don't ever assume you're good for a certain score on the LSAT, even if you've been practicing at that score. There are horrors stories out there, some on this site, of people just having a bad day or getting a test that doesn't suit their strengths and thus scoring lower than how they've practiced. If money isn't a problem, I would provisionally accept Lakehead to make sure you have a backup in case Ottawa doesn't work out. In the grand scheme of things, losing their deposit shouldn't be that bad.
  21. Been in queue since November 9. I'm antsy too, but there's nothing we can do except be patient.
  22. I did my LSAT all the way back in June and haven't retaken it since. I applied very early in November, my status changed to Under Evaluation on November 7, and it's still been the exact same since.
  23. It's without drops, I actually don't know how UVic does drops.
  24. Wait, what school are you going to right now? If you have an 86% average, then your gpa should be higher than a 3.67/4.33.
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