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  1. UBC, UVic, Dalhousie, and every school in Ontario except Lakehead. Both BC schools didn't require a reference letter from me. As for the other schools I was fortunate enough to have multiple people willing to write references. I only had one professor that had to write one twice, which was for Dal and OLSAS.
  2. Not right away, the transcripts that included my official convocation were still on the way and needed to be received. Regardless it might take a day or so to get the email.
  3. Can any upper year students tell me if orientation usually includes any events or activities on the weekend? I have an important family event on the Saturday night the first week of school that I will have to travel back home for, but I also really don't want to miss any crucial orientation activities. Thanks in advance!
  4. Yep, there's a confirmation email that includes all the information given to people who were admitted earlier, plus adds you to a mailing list.
  5. Update: I emailed Dailene for their official calculation, and it turns out I miscalculated 🤷‍♂️. Good thing I'm going into law, not math. My GPA is actually 3.66 with drops, with an index of 882.50
  6. Whoops, completely forgot in the excitement cGPA: 3.75/4.33 (self-calculated with drops) LSAT: 162
  7. In off the waitlist as well! I was #7, so some definite movement happening. They've given me till June 17th to decide and will most likely be accepting, pending an unlikely admittance from Osgoode where I'm currently on the waitlist.
  8. For anyone accepted recently, is there a deadline to accept? Just found out my waitlist position and I'm a little antsy right now
  9. Got the email today cGPA: 3.57 L2: 3.65 LSAT: 162 Decent softs. Have to decide between Queen's and Western, plus on the waitlist for a couple other schools I'm interested in. Deadline of May 30.
  10. Waitlisted yesterday after being in queue since early November. cGPA: 3.57, L2: 3.65, LSAT: 162 Filled out Part B
  11. Still in queue since November 8...
  12. I was waitlisted and told that I would be given my position in the waitlist towards the end of the month. For anyone who has experience or in the know, how high in the waitlist should I be to realistically expect a possible offer? Is a potential offer in the top 50 of the waitlist a realistic scenario, or should it be higher? I just want to know how I should react when I do get a number
  13. Waitlisted today cGPA: 3.7/4.33 LSAT: 162
  14. I don't know but if they are that would just be insanely cruel
  15. Deadline for me was all the way back in March 31, I declined
  16. I've been accepted to Western (coincidentally also interested in sports and entertainment law) so I've done a fair amount of research on them. From what I've read they're the only law school with a both a dedicated sports law clinic and sports law internships. Their largest recruitment market also happens to be Toronto, so that clearly would be in your favour. I can't offer much else unfortunately, but it does seem like they have some of what you're looking for
  17. Looks like I'll be the first to bite the bullet. Received an email a few minutes ago. BC resident cGPA: 3.75/4.33 LSAT: 162 Already have offers elsewhere so I'll be fine. I would have leaned towards declining even if I was accepted.
  18. Congrats! Would you mind sharing your L2?
  19. You can't provisionally accept both schools, you need to pick one and drop the other. Also, all provisional decisions become firm on July 3.
  20. Been in queue since the first week of November. Trust me there's no way of knowing for sure
  21. My cGPA is 3.56 and I have the exact same LSAT score. This gives me hope!
  22. Got the email, never expected to make it so not a big deal, plus I have multiple offers elsewhere along with schools I haven't heard from. cGPA: 3.56, L2: 3.61 LSAT 162 Last name R
  23. Accepted today! cGPA: 3.56 L2: 3.61 LSAT: 162 Decent EC's, strong personal statement IMO. Not sure yet if I'll be accepting or not.
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