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  1. If you're a mature candidate may want to interview you. An 80 average is around a 3.7 GPA, so, thats competitive. Did you write the LSAT and get a bad score? You seem like a competitive candidate so I think that you might be offered admission. They could also be planning to waitlist you since I don't think they have started doing that yet.
  2. Yes but I think by students not the admin https://www.facebook.com/groups/312042852838732/?ref=share
  3. By now they have def seen your file. Perhaps they are going to do a French interview. My friends was ready for review and then he had his French interview and then “admitted with condition”. Probably good news and I would expect that French interview. What are your stats, it would give us a better idea as per good/bad news?
  4. Can confirm - U of T and Osgoode DO NOT consider these scores less valid or invalid. I got into both - first round for U of T and in the first 2 weeks of Osgoode's acceptance. I've been accepted everywhere I applied except Western [from which I have still not been rejected either] (McGill, UVic, Queens, Ottawa). My advice to you would be to rewrite the LSAT with a new study strategy
  5. I don't think its because they consider them less valid. I got into the schools that asked around the same time as everyone else despite having accoms but maybe thats just me
  6. my mom wants me to wait until the last second so that I'm "sure" lol, I also had a really successful cousin come out of western so I was considering it briefly
  7. I thought I was very diplomatic in the scenario part but I tried to apply a social justice oriented letter to a school not known for that - which I guess is why they don't want me, there's only 11 days left if they want me or else my app will be cancelled for U of T
  8. yup, I have great ECs and many and have gotten into every school I applied to thus far - U of T/McGill/UVic/Queens/Oz/Ottawa - I have a 3.95/4.0 CGPA and I guess my L2 would be same and B2 same and a 164..western just doesn't want meeeeee but its kewl
  9. This was what I was wondering. Last year a girl who sent me her PS asked to see mine to make sure I didn’t plagiarize any of hers, I wondered if this was because the schools said something about it or there was some other issue I wasn’t privy to
  10. Hi yes, thanks for your answers, I should have specified that I meant people I already knew in real life not online
  11. A lot of people applying for next year have already asked me about my stats (I don’t mind sharing) but also to see my PS and CV. I have generally heard people caution against sharing these. Just wondering if it can actually get you into trouble? If I’m sending it’s because the person has told me they want to see a successful example, so I don’t see an issue with that. I like helping people, and people helped me. Same question about sharing my CV.
  12. Olsas updated my GPA after fall and I only got into McGill after they saw fall grades so probably
  13. 164/3.95 (olsas), tons of ECs, got into McGill, queens,osgoode,Ottawa,Uvic too for reference, western is the only holdout but openly admit I didn’t care about my letter to that school just put it in a template
  14. I’m in the same position and have gotten into every other school I applied to. I feel we will be waitlisted. Could be a rejection too though. Anyway will be canceling my “to be considered” there in 2 weeks in favor of u of t. I tried to apply a social justice oriented letter to a school not known for that - I think they recognized it
  15. Don't know what people from other places pay (Ive heard 9K for out of province) but McGill at 4500/year is a steal for a Common and Civil law degree. Also rent in montreal is inexpensive and cost of living pretty low.
  16. no, of course, I should have said that. Did not mean "use" marginalized groups, but that those kinds of experiences will give you a unique look at policy and gaps. I think that is important for anyone wanting to go into law school/be an advocate. When I started off at the sexual assault resource centre it was because of personal experiences and I didn't even know I was applying. I see how my wording looked insensitive though or made it seem that way.
  17. Anything to do with marginalized groups - it helps you get a unique look at the gaps in policy that would be intelligent to address in your letter. It shows you have thought about the impact and ripples of law on a personal and philosophical level. McGill loves this kind of stuff. So off the top of my head: -sexual assault resource centre (I did this) -refugee aid centre -AIDS/HIV clinic/centre -homeless shelter -Human rights NGOs (Amnesty, Unicef, etc) (did this as well)
  18. Honestly they really only seem to accept exceptional students with awesome CVs before they have completed their full undergrad. Your GPA is good enough that I'm sure you would have a shot with some better ECs. A really good LSAT would obviously make you a better candidate as well. Applying now should not hurt your chances later. They may even give you a reason for refusal, which would tell you exactly what you need to improve. You can't really apply until next september though, at which point from what I understand you only have a semester left? So, you would be applying when the usual undergrad does.
  19. working around a law firm full time, would rather be doing something more academic but money is money and i got billz
  20. How do u know what your letter of recommendation was like? I suggest when you reapply next year you make sure it is 2 profs who know and love you. If you need any help I got in this cycle! PM me (that goes for any other refused who would like to reapply)
  21. I went to Concordia (not known to be a great school) and got in everywhere so far except one school from which I have heard nothing (U of T, McGill included). Focus on your ECs and LSAT - your GPA is also fine and can be ameliorated in the coming semesters! As for McGill law, they let in people with 3.6s, you'll be fine. A better LSAT and upward grade trend with interesting ECs and you're in. Easier said than done, but don't worry - you are not in a position that is irredeemable at the moment
  22. Thanks! I have a meeting with the dean next wed is it possible to pm me in brief what you're thinking about
  23. Thanks, I totally understand. I'm not trying to predict but it is something that I felt I needed to factor into my decision. Wasn't really freaking out or anything!
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