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  1. This is what they said when the law school came to Concordia to promote their program during an info session they held. I specifically asked though if they take into account the relative difficulty of programs and that’s when they said they check class averages. They also mentioned knowing about “bird courses” like chem208/theo204 and how if they see too many it is off putting
  2. That is easier to understand than a regular arts degree and truthfully I do think they take into account the relative difficulty of each program. Although - they mentioned specifically that they look at class averages to determine if it is really a “hard” class and that’s how they decide to evaluate your transcript so not necessarily just are u in engineering or jmsb or arts. As for how to calculate your GPA check whatsmygpa.com or google Canadian gpa calculator and see what it is out of 4. However McGill doesn’t necessarily do a “conversion”, it’s more about the difficulty of classes u take and how u do relative to the class. So - they look at the transcript as a whole not just a number
  3. I really doubt it will do much as per your chances given McGill sees both, just try to get above 3.7/4.0 (not sure what it is from the 4.3). Also - I think it’s more understandable if you’re in a degree like engineering why you would retake a crucial course, if it’s not that, won’t change much for your chances. Truly - I did an arts degree at Concordia and can confirm it’s 100% possible to get above a 4.0 every semester. If you don’t really have any extenuating life circumstances just try and do better in the future but don’t waste your time.
  4. I think it is worth an application as a mature student, especially at some B2 schools like Western/Queens but an LSAT would help to better gauge
  5. Stay in school as long as you can real life sucks you should wait the year and take some fun courses you’ll never have the option to take again. Law school is so subject specific with few fun electives (unless you pick up a minor at McGill and commit to an extra year), so enjoy for now! I miss undergrad and I’ve only been out for 4 months! Idk if you’re a QC resident but if you are you’ll graduate McGill debt free
  6. I thought maybe they calculated their final mark to be a C+ not that it was definitively on their transcript
  7. Cancel it. Don’t take the risk. Just need some clarification it goes on your record as a Disc and they never see the original correct?
  8. so, if I understand correctly - zero flexibility outside of picking french or english and if english, you get thrown with one of two profs, not your choice. But, when you do pick between english/french do you get to see which english prof you would end up with?
  9. Take some easy electives tho in the next few years if ur looking to be competitive at ubc, McGill, u of t and try and get the gpa up above 3.7. That said, lots of people get into those schools with stats like yours after 4 years, just usually off a waitlist or third round
  10. One lawyer just started answering their own emails instead of having the legal assistant to it
  11. I don’t know if coding itself is useful but there are way too many lawyers in the firm I’m working in that understand very little about technology and refuse to use it. Luckily the boss hired a tech specialist to work it all out and make everyone’s lives easier with billing etc
  12. hmm - On one hand - I posted about anxiety over getting Bs on here a while ago and the response was very much that I was being silly, overanalyzing and unsympathetic to others applying with lower GPAs (I was upset about potentially getting a grade in the B range) - that part of me wants to say no worries, relax. Additionally, this was all because I felt I needed to get into McGill because I really couldn't afford any of the other schools but financial aid wasn't applicable to me, if you're not in that position and are already in or on a waitlist, relax. On the other hand - I was only accepted to a few schools (McGill, Queens, Victoria) after I sent those grades in, so, obviously they are important and some schools are waiting for them to admit you. Also my GPA was quite high already so the single B grade on my transcript would have done very little, your position is a little different. Ultimately I think it depends on the school whether or not these are found to be relevant. But personally, I wouldn't be able to get over the anxiety of it. Regardless, good luck !
  13. Even Mcgill is 42 K for international students, so the price isn't all that unheard of for international students and I'm sure you're right about the flocking
  14. Having seen people interview for courses aux stages at the firm I'm currently working at, it sounds like you took the right approach! Good luck!
  15. This seems like great advice. How I approached my letter.
  16. If you're a mature candidate may want to interview you. An 80 average is around a 3.7 GPA, so, thats competitive. Did you write the LSAT and get a bad score? You seem like a competitive candidate so I think that you might be offered admission. They could also be planning to waitlist you since I don't think they have started doing that yet.
  17. Yes but I think by students not the admin https://www.facebook.com/groups/312042852838732/?ref=share
  18. By now they have def seen your file. Perhaps they are going to do a French interview. My friends was ready for review and then he had his French interview and then “admitted with condition”. Probably good news and I would expect that French interview. What are your stats, it would give us a better idea as per good/bad news?
  19. Can confirm - U of T and Osgoode DO NOT consider these scores less valid or invalid. I got into both - first round for U of T and in the first 2 weeks of Osgoode's acceptance. I've been accepted everywhere I applied except Western [from which I have still not been rejected either] (McGill, UVic, Queens, Ottawa). My advice to you would be to rewrite the LSAT with a new study strategy
  20. I don't think its because they consider them less valid. I got into the schools that asked around the same time as everyone else despite having accoms but maybe thats just me
  21. my mom wants me to wait until the last second so that I'm "sure" lol, I also had a really successful cousin come out of western so I was considering it briefly
  22. I thought I was very diplomatic in the scenario part but I tried to apply a social justice oriented letter to a school not known for that - which I guess is why they don't want me, there's only 11 days left if they want me or else my app will be cancelled for U of T
  23. yup, I have great ECs and many and have gotten into every school I applied to thus far - U of T/McGill/UVic/Queens/Oz/Ottawa - I have a 3.95/4.0 CGPA and I guess my L2 would be same and B2 same and a 164..western just doesn't want meeeeee but its kewl
  24. This was what I was wondering. Last year a girl who sent me her PS asked to see mine to make sure I didn’t plagiarize any of hers, I wondered if this was because the schools said something about it or there was some other issue I wasn’t privy to
  25. Hi yes, thanks for your answers, I should have specified that I meant people I already knew in real life not online
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