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    Order of acceptances

    don't think they're grades based, I had the same stats as someone and got in a month later. I do know that in each letter they affix it to what drew them to accept you. Mine had a line about "impressive community work" although i had good grades as well. Someone else I know had a letter that said something else was the reason for their acceptance
  2. Megbean123

    McGill/ u of t

    Just got admitted to McGill. I’m beyond ecstatic but now is the time for me to decide between McGill and U of T, truthfully, a reality I never imagined in September when I was applying. Made a pro/con list but my real question is: does u of t provide any tangible benefit over McGill if I want to pursue family law? -I am strongly considering living in Toronto in the future. So of course that is a plus to u of t. But, is it a plus worth 150k of debt? -I am not in a financial state where I can go to u of t without a credit line and loans.mcgill is obviously more affordable. -I know many current students at McGill who can help me navigate the waters. I only know one person at u of t who seems like a super genius and might have found everything “easy” -my home and support system is in Montreal. BUT - will I have any difficulty getting into a family law firm in Toronto? Can I intern in Toronto over the summers and so, build some connections? Are hiring habits u of t and osgoode or nothing? Do firms understand that McGill covers Ontario laws as well? Will I be wholly unprepared to practice Toronto law? Note - I will likely try and pursue a masters after law school in Toronto, would that “fix” any of the detriments going to McGill would have had? I know of at least one case where a student went to umiami and pursued a masters at a Toronto uni and it worked for them. Another note - probably should be on another thread but not quite sure where - I’m interning at a well known family law firm in Montreal (granted, not yet in law school so I’d be surprised if they let me do anything fancy), will Toronto firms consider this, or take the time to look it up because they won’t be familiar with the lawyers ? Would I be better off interning at a firm with Toronto offices that is not in a field that is interesting to me? If I continue interning at the Montreal firm throughout my 3 years would I have beeen better off trying to find summer positions in Toronto?
  3. Megbean123

    Any international student acceptances?

    The gpas I’ve seen have been on the Canadian scale so it doesn’t look like it however you can always call and ask!
  4. Megbean123

    Updated Transcript?

    As long as we send them in as we did before via mail there is nothing left to do correct? (For reference I’m a qc student) don’t see any place to update the transcript online or something
  5. Megbean123

    McGill vs U of T - business & commercial law

    It’s more the opposite that I want to go to McGill but make sure I’m not making a mistake. I think the consensus is that it doesn’t matter too much for the field I’m interested in but that’s a really good idea, i think. Thanks!
  6. Megbean123

    McGill vs U of T - business & commercial law

    Yep I want to know all there is to know and make sure i consider everything. Usually whenever I get an answer people have something new to contribute. I am finding it very difficult to pick between the schools. Ultimately no one has really shared their concrete experience with me about going into family post McGill in Toronto. Perhaps because family law is unpopular or something or it just isn’t a path many people take. The people I have asked from Montreal who left to Toronto all pursued IP, corporate or tax. Also I wanted to know if this particular poster said it was a “no brainer” due to the fact OP wants corporate law or a no brainer in general
  7. Megbean123

    McGill vs U of T - business & commercial law

    Would u say it is true for other kinds of law like family that one should pick u of t over McGill? Or entertainment law? IP? I am having a hard time justifying the u of t price tag
  8. Megbean123

    McGill vs U of T - business & commercial law

    Just a small comment here. While it’s true Montreal offers most basic French interactions I don’t think you can properly learn French to a degree acceptable for professional fields just learning through osmosis. I’ve lived here my whole life, in an anglophone community and managed to communicate for the most part in English. Some francophones would think my French is pitiful. Seriously I learned it for 14 years formally in addition to daily interactions, reading, etc. I also have family on both sides that communicate only in French going to English uni and schools have worsened my skills and made me feel like I could wholly avoid using the language. i would say you gotta be devoted to the task of learning it rather than simply trying to absorb it by living here.
  9. Megbean123

    FB Group.

    i was accepted in Nov and haven't seen anything yet although I did provisionally accept u of t, so maybe thats why
  10. Megbean123

    McGill/ u of t

    I think I’m more aware of what i don’t want to do although admittedly feel like i want family. I interned in corporate/real estate and hated it so if bay st is the only advantage to u of t doesn’t seem so worth it but ultimately I’m torn
  11. Megbean123

    Entrance Scholarships 2019

    Some people received them on Minerva. I didn’t get one so I think they’re either all gone or awarded at a later date (merit based not needs based)
  12. Megbean123

    McGill/ u of t

    That was exactly what I was thinking although I did see som sort of debt forgiveness program at u of t if u make under a certain amount. I’m more trying to understand if there is really any advantage to u of t for that particular field. It seems like not really
  13. Megbean123

    Accepted Fall 2019

    It was Minerva and an email a bit later
  14. Did you provisionally accept another school? I have gotten into Oz, Ottawa, McGill, u of t but nothing from queens nor western. I find this odd because I am, like you a bit above the stats of a lot of accepted students. To me, this means they saw my provisional acceptance to u of t. I mean it could also be that my letter sucks or something. Just based on my case, I don’t think they differ significantly.
  15. Megbean123

    Guidance needed (where to start)

    I personally did private tutoring with a Skype tutor and did quite well. I think I needed that sort of guidance.
  16. Megbean123

    Accepted Fall 2019

    woohooo 164 lsat 4.16 cgpa notified on minerva no french interview (truthfully, I doubt they would have been impressed with my french skills), some bad cegep marks that didn't seem to bother them
  17. Megbean123

    When/should I expect an acceptance from McGill?

    People are already in with close stats. My friend had lesser stats than you and got in February. It’s hard to tell with McGill. Good stats don’t feel enough because they specifically told us when they came to my school they reject people with great stats every year for their CVs or other issues with their file. I also have a 164 and a 4.16/4.3 and haven’t heard anything
  18. Megbean123

    Any Advantages to a Firm Acceptance?

    I have been following your story because I find it very inspiring! Good for you for all you have achieved thus far!
  19. A common thread I've seen on this site is that if you have dreams of working in the human rights field it is difficult given the U of T debt load because it is not a high paying field. However, I did see some kind of loan forgiveness thing if you make under a certain amount when practicing in the U of T packet when I got it in the mail. So maybe the decision doesn't have to be wholly financial. Also, consider if your situation will allow you a degree of financial aid. I also wasn't impressed with the lack of clinical opportunities at McGill, which is why I'm more drawn to U of T. At the same time, McGill is way more financially feasible for me, so that will be my primary consideration. I've also heard from current students the courses hardly require students to be truly bilingual (more "passing" bilingualism [& honestly I know people studying there who speak a pathetic degree of French]), so its not such a bilingual environment. I think that should be a marginal consideration. Truth is, you can definitely avoid speaking French in Montreal. I've lived here my whole life and do not communicate well in the language though I do understand it perfectly, and I don't think McGill will provide you with a substantial advantage in terms of learning or practicing it. If I could afford U of T, I would pick it in a heartbeat - I feel there is much more opportunity in Toronto both when it comes to during your degree and after. It might be difficult for you to take full advantage of the opportunities in Montreal if you don't speak proper French. Other advice I've received is that you should study where you want to practice. Regardless, good luck & congrats!
  20. Megbean123

    Any Advantages to a Firm Acceptance?

    I provisionally accepted u of t and I have to agree. Many people have gotten into western with my stats or lower and assuming (arguably a big assumption I guess) I didn’t totally mess up my letter, cv, etc I would take the lack of acceptance to be that they saw my provisional acceptance to u of t and decided not to give me the spot. Then again, it’s the only B2 school people have heard from in Ontario thus far so it could be that my stats are just not competitive in this pool or the other factors I mentioned like my letter. Despite your false start I feel like you’re competitive for u of t considering they claim to take a holistic approach. I feel as though grades and stats are about showing you possess the intellectual rigor to complete law school which you have more than demonstrated by your stats. So maybe it would be wise to wait until the deadline. I’m a mere applicant as well though, so maybe my 2 cents is worth nothing. Regardless good luck
  21. For what it’s worth, I don’t think it is a big deal to disclose personal info. In fact I think most students do it. I began my letter with a statement about how my mother’s experiences in an abusive relationship made me want to enter law and made me concerned with justice in general. From the few applications of friends I’ve read and some I’ve heard about, law schools like serious students, but that is only half the picture. Experiencing a crime will definitely inform your understanding of the law and our system. Even if you don’t use it to excuse bad grades, it is still worthwhile to add. Not only does it show you perseverance but it also shows that you likely have a unique perspective Granted I had the stats to get in so it may not have been necessary, but it did work out in my case!
  22. Megbean123

    "Under Evaluation"

    don't think its new, said that about mine a few days after applying! Just means what torontohermione said
  23. I got into a few schools this year and yup - only law related thing on my application was a poli degree but even then I only took poli phil...I don't think your program matters unless it is comparing a 3.1 in engineering versus one in an arts program. Its more about stats I believe - for some schools at lest Also, a lot of people I knew who were in pre-law told me they really had no substantial advantage. Personally - I think the classes that build up your ability to critically think are the most helpful from what I've heard from some L1s. I took 1 pre-law undergrad class and honestly wasn't impressed and I'm skeptical it will ever help me, but, I'm sure its different at every school. Honestly, take undergrad to learn some fun new things. I took classes purely out of interest in my last semester and not only was it great, but, I got my highest GPA.
  24. Megbean123

    Ask a 3L!

    My question is pretty much the same. I'm looking at McGill versus U of T specifically. Likely for family law, although I am interested in IP. Would like to practice in Toronto. Am terrified of the costs (de facto living in relatively low-income single parent household but fin aid not applicable to me [ever] because parent #2's income is considered although they wouldn't contribute). I also feel like 150k over 20 years is pretty do-able though?