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  1. It sounds like u have a decent chance you could strengthen with the lsat but honestly might not need to. They like a diverse class so long as you connect what you have done to the law you would get in I imagine but what do I know
  2. 1) professor from my uni who was a department head in my minor 2) professor with whom I took a law class who also was a well known politician as well
  3. At what point in the semester do the French classes generally fill up? How much time should I give myself to make a decision do you think?
  4. Thanks guys! @couscous @pzabbythesecond I'm quite hesitant to take a French class though, I'm largely interested in Narrain's field of study (religious freedom) and I thrive during take home finals. That being said, if Pless is excellent and Narrain disliked, of course I should go with Pless. Ahhhhh I'm a bit torn. As for teaching methods/generally overwhelming students with workloads/being a really rough grader, do you have any insight on narrain versus pless? Maybe that should be the deciding factor for me, I'm not sure. I do also really like the idea of taking a practitioner, though.
  5. Anyone have any insight on who I should take for constitutional law? Options are Vrinda Narrain or Alexander Pless. Additionally, would really appreciate a PM if you know anything about Mugambi Jouet. Thx!
  6. So when McGill came to our school they said this is something they look at actually as well as the difficulty of the courses as judged by class averages. It could be they were just trying to scare us or be pretentious or whatever. Generally, people seem to act like the McGill selection process is more “random” and “unpredictable”, but so far everyone I thought would get in, get rejected, get waitlisted that I knew was applying seems to have accomplished exactly those things. I picked up a minor halfway through and it required me to take a couple 200 levels in my last year (I think 4-5 of 10). Quebec degrees are also only 3 years so there was a little less to go off of on my transcript. I still got into McGill and u of t. It all worked out for me but I already had a good gpa, a few awards and a decent lsat. if you’re worried consider picking up a minor - worst case scenario you learn about something you already have an interest in (assuming, like me, you had an interest in the 200 levels u were taking)
  7. Since they do make you send them in I wouldn’t say the grades necessarily don’t count As far as I can remember (and correct me if I’m wrong) but u of t doesn’t do a B3 calculation, it’s just CGPA. Your 170 certainly qualifies you. Take a look at this years acceptance threads and see if there is anyone with stats like yours CGPA-wise and it should give you a better idea.
  8. If I were in your position I would take the 180$ and use it towards improving your lsat. I got into u of t and McGill without a consultant (though I had profs look at my statement). A 165+ on the lsat will take you farther imo.
  9. This is what they said when the law school came to Concordia to promote their program during an info session they held. I specifically asked though if they take into account the relative difficulty of programs and that’s when they said they check class averages. They also mentioned knowing about “bird courses” like chem208/theo204 and how if they see too many it is off putting
  10. That is easier to understand than a regular arts degree and truthfully I do think they take into account the relative difficulty of each program. Although - they mentioned specifically that they look at class averages to determine if it is really a “hard” class and that’s how they decide to evaluate your transcript so not necessarily just are u in engineering or jmsb or arts. As for how to calculate your GPA check whatsmygpa.com or google Canadian gpa calculator and see what it is out of 4. However McGill doesn’t necessarily do a “conversion”, it’s more about the difficulty of classes u take and how u do relative to the class. So - they look at the transcript as a whole not just a number
  11. I really doubt it will do much as per your chances given McGill sees both, just try to get above 3.7/4.0 (not sure what it is from the 4.3). Also - I think it’s more understandable if you’re in a degree like engineering why you would retake a crucial course, if it’s not that, won’t change much for your chances. Truly - I did an arts degree at Concordia and can confirm it’s 100% possible to get above a 4.0 every semester. If you don’t really have any extenuating life circumstances just try and do better in the future but don’t waste your time.
  12. I think it is worth an application as a mature student, especially at some B2 schools like Western/Queens but an LSAT would help to better gauge
  13. Stay in school as long as you can real life sucks you should wait the year and take some fun courses you’ll never have the option to take again. Law school is so subject specific with few fun electives (unless you pick up a minor at McGill and commit to an extra year), so enjoy for now! I miss undergrad and I’ve only been out for 4 months! Idk if you’re a QC resident but if you are you’ll graduate McGill debt free
  14. I thought maybe they calculated their final mark to be a C+ not that it was definitively on their transcript
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