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  1. Megbean123

    Any Application Status Movement?

    spoke too soon, forwarded for review today whoooopieeee
  2. Megbean123

    In queue 2019

    nothing yet maybe they hated my letter with a passion
  3. Megbean123

    Trouble getting into OASIS

    Yup, happened to me, emailed and after 48 hrs it worked
  4. Megbean123

    Any Application Status Movement?

    ill annoy everyone a few more times and figure it out, don't you worry!!!!!
  5. Megbean123

    Any Application Status Movement?

    reminder to start that thread if any of you are accepted yet!!!!!!!!
  6. Megbean123

    In queue 2019

    they posted that for me on the 11th, don't get too excited, i have a feeling its still gonna be a while.... The good news is they just changed the number of applicants on the portal to 2,720 instead of the 2,900 that was written before, so our odds just went up.
  7. Megbean123

    Additional Additional Essay

    I wrote mine for the reasons below: -socio-economic diversity -single parent household -religious minority I personally think whatever info you provide them with is valuable, but, yes if you're a terrible writer and a basic white guy saying you're diverse for that reason, or, you know diverse because you grew up in affluence and went to a really good school I wouldn't really go that route....(of course nothing wrong with the aforementioned things but its not believable that you would have a perspective unique from that which our laws have already been viewed from). They're asking you if you have insight that is unique to the classroom. A stretch is going to be obvious if you don't really have anything unique to contribute Edit: I had a look at your stats, because of your GPA/LSAT on the lower side of median I think the holistic element is really going to be what gets you considered and so you should write it, but, only if there's anything about you that makes you diverse
  8. Megbean123

    Additional Additional Essay

    I identify with the 8% that likes "indie pop" should I add that in?
  9. Megbean123

    Additional Additional Essay

    exactly my question I grew up in a single parent household in addition to being a religious minority and I'm not sure if that counts
  10. Meh, someone I know not only did law school but began and expanded 2 (very successful) businesses from 1L-3L. (one of which was being sued while she was in law school). Not to mention, because you can start law school without a bachelors in Quebec she was 19 or 20 at the time. Still graduated, still working. If she can have time to do that I can imagine you'll find the 40 mins/day for drawing. She says she did this because law school brought her no joy. I imagine everyone needs an outlet
  11. Megbean123

    Confirmation of receipt of application??

    Have heard from mcgill, uvic, Ottawa, western, Osgoode, Queen’s, u of t, applied oct 26. Last name A could be the reason?
  12. Megbean123

    Any Application Status Movement?

    please feel free to update this if you get anything guys!!!!!!
  13. Megbean123

    UVic - What's it like?

    I imagine I'll end up in Toronto, so articling there is what I'm really looking for
  14. Megbean123


    Classic OLSAS leaving us in suspense until the week before acceptances go out
  15. Megbean123


    Hey, seems like they processed my shit a while ago, do u know when I'll see the calculation/under which category I could find it? I assume "transcripts" but I see nothing, nor a category under which they could place it!