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  1. Thoughts on whether BCCA is actually done? I know they said calls may continue into next week but unsure whether that means 1st round offers or 2nd round in case someone declines.
  2. Does anyone know the process for offers with BCCA? Do you get notified if you didn't get it, or only if you did?
  3. Haha thank you for assuaging my anxieties! I'll sit tight
  4. Anyone have any idea when FC/FCA and ONCA will likely start contacting interviewees?
  5. Hi! I was wondering if anyone could give any insight on how to best prepare myself for a hopeful BCSC or BCCA clerkship? I.e., what the minimum grade-range is, what ECs are particularly valuable. I've seen a bit of talk on here but not anything incredibly specific. Thank you in advance!
  6. Well... I’ve gotten only 5/6 of my midterm marks back so maybe I’m not an “authority”, but on those I have received I’ve gotten exclusively A-‘s save for one B+. So I feel fairly confident that my note-taking patterns have proved relatively successful thus far. I found your unnecessary/unproductive reply to be rather derisive and condescending. I was simply sharing my findings for those who may benefit from it in the future - my grades are irrelevant for such a general anecdote. I never recommended writing lectures word-for-word, I simply suggested that having the ability to take notes quickly prevents one from missing out on key info during a fast paced lecture. I also find that even if I do type more than necessary during a class, typing my notes allows me to go back later and better comprehend and, therefore, further distill and synthesize them. All in all, I still hope my quick comment on my transition from handwriting to typing notes proves useful for a future 1L visiting this site for its intended purpose of *helping* incoming and current law students
  7. Just wanted to chime back in on this topic now that I'm done my first semester of 1L. I ended up using OneNote and have 0 regrets. I am very confident that I would've missed key information by hand-writing my notes and the speed at which you can type better insulates you from that. Furthermore, it was nice to be able to copy and paste in info from prof's class overviews, their class objectives etc. Now that I've had my first set of exams, it was also 100x easier to create my outlines having info I can simply copy and paste over. Having handwritten all my notes in undergrad, I am still very happy with the choice to type note. Hope this is helpful to some upcoming 1L next year!
  8. I pretty much exclusively took handwritten notes in undergrad as I found it helped my recall. I am wondering if anyone handwrites notes in law school? If not, what are people’s preferred platforms for typing notes? Given the quantity of information I presume we’ll be receiving, I’m open to typing notes moving forward. I’d rather not just have a word doc for each class, as I feel like that’s difficulty for finding/organizing information later on. Thanks in advance
  9. Accepted recently off the waitlist PM me with any questions
  10. Will be withdrawing from the class as I got off the waitlist closer to home! Just wanted to give someone a bit of hope as a seat will be coming available
  11. Question for you guys, cause you seem more in the know about BC student aid.. I've been holding off on applying as I am in at one school (99% will be going) but am high on the wait-list for another option I am strongly considering. Do you know if it would make sense/be my only option to apply once I'm 100% sure about where I'm going? I'm assuming they ask the tuition amount, and the tuition for the two schools is substantially different.
  12. Any outstanding deadlines for accepting or have most passed already?
  13. If anyone on the waitlist who was originally in spot 10 or higher has made it off the waitlist, could you PM me :)?
  14. I applied Jan and still haven't heard anything lol.
  15. Congratulations!! Do you mind sharing what waitlist placement you were?
  16. Saw someone doing this on the Osgoode page and thought I'd try to get an idea for UVic for those interested. Can you comment if you have accepted your offer? That way we can try to gauge how many spots remain. Also does anyone know the exact amount of spots there are?
  17. any movement from anyone off the waitlist?
  18. Do you feel like living in Osgoode Chambers was beneficial? Obviously it's cheap and close to school, but besides that. Wondering if it provides an enhanced opportunity to get to know some of your peers? Also, what is the social dynamic like in general? I chose Osgoode primarily because of the breadth...in experiential opportunities, course options, and then of actual student population. So I'm really hoping to make the most of that aspect
  19. Oh I’m always looking for an excuse to buy a new dress; so thank you 😋
  20. Ok I am preparing myself to refuse to dance, and need to buy a formal dress lol. Thanks @icecreamsandwich ☺️
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