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  1. Yeah very true. Would defeat the purpose of an auto index score.. Well fingers crossed it isn’t higher than 905, and congratulations!
  2. Isn't the autoindex 905? I saw you posted that that was your score! Maybe, though, they do still look at applicants whole files more-so than has been previously understood (even if applicants are at autoindex or above)
  3. Do you feel like it is necessary for a 1L to purchase one good suit before starting? I am female, btw, so not entirely sure on the dress protocol for women.
  4. I haven't even made it to the law committee for review yet! Is this normal?
  5. No, my score is from June 2018 and not expecting anything else haha! I haven't gotten through over the phone, it's always busy, but maybe I'll send an email Thanks for your input! Hope to see you in September
  6. I submitted mine on the day applications opened and it got submitted to review sometime in October, so it's been awhile haha. I'm under the auto index as well, at 895, so I know it will go to review I'm just surprised it hasn't by now given how long it's been!
  7. Sadly only at "app forwarded for review" and not "committee for review" status :'( Not sure why, because all my documents and scores are in
  8. Study for the LSAT during your gap year! Having the time to devote to it, as opposed to squeezing it in while in school, gives you a leg up on everyone else. You could start studying after you graduate in May/June and aim to write the September or November sittings and still apply for next cycle! Finding a law related job is great and all, but by that point you'll have already put your applications in. You might as well use the time after the LSAT to do something a bit divergent from law that you won't have the opportunity to do later down the line (I think teaching abroad is a fantastic idea). Also having those types of things on your resume shows who you are as a person which diversifies you from other job applicants.
  9. Hi! I was wondering if someone from UVic could speak to the social dynamics. I know this isn't at all a factor worth considering and that it will obviously vary across various classes, but I was hoping someone could attest to how easy it is to form connections with peers, whether there are group activities (pub nights, get togethers etc), whether there is a nice blend of students from different age backgrounds.
  10. Did they tell you what your cGPA was calculated at or did they simply make the 'in-range' comment? I emailed to ask mine and they asked me to contact them again late spring.
  11. I am not entirely concerned about having any issues coming back to BC from the East, however. Osgoode is known and I know of quite a few people who have done so. I think doing the reverse, UVic to East, would be a lot harder.
  12. You're right, sorry I would be open to spending some time working there after graduation before coming back to BC. But I think, long-term, BC is for me.
  13. Could someone do an updated Oz and Uvic?
  14. I know this is a bit of an unusual comparison... For background, I am from Vancouver and have always lived here (attended UBC for undergrad). I actually haven't been accepted to UVic yet but I am just wanting to get some background info as, based on my stats, I'm fairly confident that I will receive an offer at some point. I actually have been pretty excited to go to Osgoode but am now having some doubts based on the cons below. Current pros and cons for me: Osgoode pros: 1. reputation 2. breadth of programs (I am not looking to go into anything corporate.. I definitely want to do something more socially oriented) 3. opportunity to live amongst peers 4. seems very collegial (i.e., love that there are weekly get-togethers, lots of clubs and organizations etc.) Osgoode cons: 1. distance from friends and family 2. weather 3. price (both tuition and added airfare to visit home) 3. location (north York doesn't sound too great...) UVic is obviously substantially cheaper both in tuition and then I also wouldn't have to spend any money really to travel to friends and family. UVic also seems like a fantastic school and some really competitive applicants choose to go there. My questions are: 1. UVic students... have you found it to be a community-oriented environment? I've heard that there are a lot of mature students at Uvic, is this predominantly so? I'm looking to have a bit of a proper 'college' experience after having lived at home for undergrad (nothing crazy, but just connect with like-minded peers and have whatever social life I can in my free time). 2. Does being a UVic grad preclude you from anything, career-wise? I know it is an excellent school but it is newer and less known. Osgoode obviously carries a lot in the name, people know what it is across Canada. Additionally, anyone from Osgoode who has anything to say (even if its confirming/refuting one of the pros or cons on my list) I'd love to hear from you! Thank you!!!
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