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  1. Question for you guys, cause you seem more in the know about BC student aid.. I've been holding off on applying as I am in at one school (99% will be going) but am high on the wait-list for another option I am strongly considering. Do you know if it would make sense/be my only option to apply once I'm 100% sure about where I'm going? I'm assuming they ask the tuition amount, and the tuition for the two schools is substantially different.
  2. Any outstanding deadlines for accepting or have most passed already?
  3. If anyone on the waitlist who was originally in spot 10 or higher has made it off the waitlist, could you PM me :)?
  4. I applied Jan and still haven't heard anything lol.
  5. Congratulations!! Do you mind sharing what waitlist placement you were?
  6. Saw someone doing this on the Osgoode page and thought I'd try to get an idea for UVic for those interested. Can you comment if you have accepted your offer? That way we can try to gauge how many spots remain. Also does anyone know the exact amount of spots there are?
  7. any movement from anyone off the waitlist?
  8. Do you feel like living in Osgoode Chambers was beneficial? Obviously it's cheap and close to school, but besides that. Wondering if it provides an enhanced opportunity to get to know some of your peers? Also, what is the social dynamic like in general? I chose Osgoode primarily because of the breadth...in experiential opportunities, course options, and then of actual student population. So I'm really hoping to make the most of that aspect
  9. Oh I’m always looking for an excuse to buy a new dress; so thank you 😋
  10. Ok I am preparing myself to refuse to dance, and need to buy a formal dress lol. Thanks @icecreamsandwich ☺️
  11. Hi! Hoping someone would sort of outline orientation? How formal some of the events are etc. Just excited and haven’t found a ton of details
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