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  1. Hmmmm. Fair enough. I think I should do that. Thanks buddy.
  2. Haha never been to Irvine. I would be 32 by the time I start law school. And have a family. Don't really need a lot of activities/distractions In fact, I was thinking I might have to stay in Jersey to be able to afford the rent if I go to Fordham and the travel and the lifestyle there might make studying more difficult for an outsider than the locals.
  3. Thanks a lot for your wishes and the help! Really appreciate it. I also have Fordham for 60K-70K USD more than UCI. It gives me a slightly better chance at landing biglaw and is in NYC, which might really help an international. Do you think Canadian employers would be reasonably aware of the Fordham brand. It's not the best university but being in NYC really helps the law school's employment stats especially in a good economy. Thanks!
  4. Thanks a lot for that! Will keep that in mind while deciding. For the record, JD is considered a master's degree. I do understand moving to Canada subsequently might be difficult unless I really get through a top firm, do very well, and sort the PR/work visa process. Uphill task for sure
  5. Yes born in India. Won't get a green card anytime soon. Am aware
  6. Will check it. Thanks so much!
  7. Thanks! I have a feeling I am somehow underestimating the value of peace of mind. Let me ponder it over. But, I do know for a fact that many biglaw firms do sponsor people for an H1B. That said, it's obviously not as straightforward as hiring a local with the same grades as me.
  8. Thanks for that. Yes, my engineering degree and the MBA are both from India. Just wanted to clarify one thing, though - I think I wasn't clear earlier. I have a full ride at UC Irvine and hence my total expenses (essentially living expenses) over 3 years would be 120K CAD. While at Osgoode, it would be 75K tuition+120K CAD living = 195K CAD. I am accounting for higher living expenses than normal because my wife would move along with me and we are expecting a child later this year. So, higher debt in the case of Canada. Does this change anything? In any case, I do get what you are saying. Would you have any idea how useful my UC Irvine JD would be if I am unable to get a big law position in the US and look for an articling position in Canada immediately after school? I understand lateral-ing to Canadian biglaw is slightly easier if you have good corporate law experience under your belt but is it at all possible fresh out of law school? Thanks again for your inputs.
  9. Hello all, I am an engineer and an MBA from India with eight years of full-time work experience in India. I have obtained a Canadian PR as well as admits to Osgoode and UC Irvine (California) for their JD programs starting this fall. Osgoode would cost me 75K CAD + living expenses (assuming 120K since I would be living with my wife and kid) while UC Irvine has given me a full ride so it would cost me about 120K CAD. My aim is to work in biglaw as a transactional lawyer and since I am making good money already but taking 3 years off for law school, I would prefer to maximize my salary at least for a few years after law school. Now, UC Irvine has consistently placed about 35% of its batch in biglaw or federal clerkships, which means I need to be at least in the top one-third to be competitive for a biglaw job in the US. And I assume I would need to be in the top third at Osgoode for a good shot at TO biglaw. I would ideally want to work in the US (given the high starting salaries there) and then move to Canada after a couple of years where I would like to eventually settle down since I would be able to live as a permanent resident unlike in the US where I have to stay on an H1B visa. I would like to get your views on the decision I have to make given my above-stated goals and the difficulty in lateral-ing to Canadian biglaw firms after working in the US (would also like to understand your views on trying to find a job in Canada - biglaw or otherwise - in the scenario where I am unable to secure a biglaw position out of UC Irvine if I head there. Please also note that if I study in the US, I need to secure a biglaw position because no other employer will sponsor my H1B visa) Thanks so much for your time. P.S. - I do have admits from Cornell and Fordham but I would be paying 130K USD and 70K USD more respectively (for the three-year cost of attendance) but I am not too sure if I would want to take that high a loan given the H1B uncertainty. :S
  10. Hello guys, I have firmly accepted my offer today but am unable to set up my Passport York account. It asks for a student number which I don't seem to have. Can you guys help? Am I trying to log in wrong? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Ryn, Are you aware about entrance scholarships? 1. What criteria are used to award scholarships? 2. They seem to have different timelines (time period after acceptances) to be handed out for different applicants. Why is that so? 3.Is osgoode open to negotiating scholarships like most American schools are? 4. When is the last they Inform us about entrance scholarships? 5. I am an international and need to take a call between different schools. And given my visa situation I need to decide quickly. I need to know my scholarship offer to make the decision. Would writing to the admissions requesting them to expedite the offer, if any, harm my chances of getting a scholarship offer? Thanks a lot.
  12. Thanks a lot. Is it okay if I pm you? Guys, any idea when is the earliest one can move in? I was thinking of moving in during the summer ( assuming i pay the deposit, apply for housing and register and end up being allotted).
  13. Hello all, I am a mature international incoming 1L. Would be 32 by the time I start. Moving in with my pregnant wife. I would need a 1 or a 2 bedroom apartment. Which apartments would you guys suggest? I can walk 10-15 mins but would ideally want to stay in a community with other law students (for silence, mainly), with easy access to groceries (I really didn't do much research and sorry for the question if all law students need to travel afar for groceries), and at a place which doesn't need a lot of constant maintenance/repair. Budget is not a constraint - in any case they all appear to be reasonably priced. Further, at any of these apartments, can we have someone from the family over for a month or two? (one of our parents might come over during the delivery time in winter). Thanks a lot!
  14. Hello BQ, I have been accepted yesterday for the class starting this fall! Have gone through this thread and it's extremely informative indeed. I am from India. Among other options, I want to target NYC biglaw (transactional) as well. I have an MBA from an Indian school and have had more than 7 years of experience in large energy companies and in the last few years as an entrepreneur as well. I have seen that most who have landed NYC gigs have top grades and many of those are JD/MBAs. I am okay with that idea and would apply to Schulich but was wondering if I need to do a JD/MBA to gain the apparent edge for NYC given that I already have one MBA (but not from a Canadian school). Any inputs would be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot!
  15. Planning to shift to Canada because of some personal reasons. Would have preferred US but that didn't work out. Could try working without studying in Canada, but I have been wanting to study law and have been applying to American Law Schools for the last two years. Cornell with a third scholarship was very expensive. Job prospects at other schools and the uncertainty of a work visa made US education/living tough. I've a friend who is a 2L in a BC law school and went from my country as a Canadian PR. He is not facing any issues/discrimination since he's a PR and not on a student visa. I am in the process of applying for the PR and if I get it, I won't qualify as an international student under the general definition used by most/many Canadian law schools. Thank you for your views and insights.
  16. Hey, thanks. Understood. Have started the Wes application. No man. I am certainly not dead set on U of T. I've asked a couple of times above for school recommendations as well. Just that I happened to post on the u of t thread since I was confused. Would really appreciate school recommendations. P.S. - so many kind souls here ready to help a confused international. much more response than the American law school threads. thanks all.
  17. Will start immediately. In fact, i am getting one WES evaluation done anyway to get my Canadian PR. But I guess that's a different sort of an evaluation.
  18. 1. While I understand there are so many factors (grade inflation/deflation, scales, etc), can anyone let me know what the approximate GPA (out of 4) of someone who was at 75 percentile in their class in a Canadian university (let's say U of T undergrad) be? 2. With my scores and profile, would you guys recommend any other schools I should target? My goal is doing transactional law at a big law firm, preferably in the GTA area. I will continue to hope that U of T and other schools that I apply to discount my GPA given that I had completed it more than 9 years ago.
  19. thanks for the detailed analysis, @diplock! appreciate it. btw, U of T says the median LSAT was 166 last year. When you say my LSAT is nearer the lower end, do you say so taking into cognizance my GPA? just wanted to clarify if am missing something. Thanks again for the help.
  20. hmmm. fair enough. i did suspect so. thanks a lot!
  21. Yes, I will. Thanks. But can you give me your views on the basis of what would be the equivalent CGPA for Canadian universities for someone in the top quartile as I was.
  22. Hi. My cumulative percentage in undergrad was 68%. However, the highest in the class was about 78%. So the standards are very different compared to Canadian universities. I am okay with any as long as the biglaw opportunities are good. I am inclined towards transactional law. So U of T or Osgoode would be preferred. Thanks
  23. Hello everyone, I am from India and have a 167 on the LSAT. I have an admit from Cornell Law this fall but it's proving to be very expensive. My wife and I have applied for the Canadian PR and are planning to move there. I am now considering my options to study JD in Canada. Would be grateful if you can assess my chances to get into U of T's class starting in 2019. Below is my background. I have an engineering undergrad from a top-10 Indian school. I was in the top 1/4th of the class. I did an MBA from a top-5 Indian school and was in the top 1/3rd of the class. Since completion of the MBA, I have been working in the Indian energy sector for more than 7 years. I have worked in roles in project finance, corporate strategy, regulatory and legal affairs, policy advocacy roles. I have worked very closely with top Indian lawyers and have been instrumental in obtaining some landmark judgments in the power sector space. I am fluent in 5 languages and have worked in 10 countries. In the last three years, I set up a successful 1.3 CAD turnover renewable energy company which installs solar rooftop and revives hydroelectric projects. I am now working for a mid-size company as a VP in international business development and power plant operations. I used a reasonably good PS for my US school admissions which talked about my work experience and a diversity statement which talked about alienation I faced in childhood and how I overcame that. Kindly let me know your views on my chances at U of T and which other schools I should apply to. If you need any more information, I am happy to provide it. Thanks so much!
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