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  1. I guess the better question to ask, out of pure curiosity, is why you're still working in BigLaw if you don't seem to like it. What's keeping you from leaving?
  2. I can't guarantee that sending in a new transcript will tip the balance in your favor, but it certainly can't hurt your application if it ups your GPA. What do you have to lose? I think it's worth submitting the transcript with your marks because you will need to do so anyways if you get in.
  3. On the topic of what others have majored in, some law schools have profiles of their class online. For example, UofT Law: https://www.law.utoronto.ca/about/jd-first-year-class-profile There, you can see that the top 3 programs of choice for students prior to law school are (1) Poli Sci\IR, (2) Business\Econ and (3) Engineering\Math\Science. That being said, I have to say the program you choose should be one where you feel you can excel in. No one can make that choice for you except yourself. Pick something you think you will enjoy and the marks will come through good work ethic.
  4. I don't know if this needs to be said but this is a joke. No, you don't need to bring an embroidered cushion on your first day.
  5. Generally, not many people look to transfer out after 1L. Some even say it is frowned upon. But if you are a good performer relative to the class, it can be an option you decide to take. It's hard to say what the success rate for transfers is, but it is heavily dependent on your 1L performance with respect to grades.
  6. I would just remind you that transfering out of Ryerson is always a possibility. If you do well at Ryerson and get good grades, there's nothing stopping your from transfering to Osgoode, Queens or any other school. That way, you also don't have to lose a year to reapply. Also, consider the possibility that if this economy does stay in a recession, 2020-2021 could see more applications for law schools as compared to normal. It's not as simple as saying no to Ryerson, imo.
  7. Yes. In fact, a majority of applicants fall in this boat. I would even venture to say a majority of successful candidates don't have extensive, or any, business experience.
  8. I was in your situation a few years ago. I was waitlisted at an Ontario school in March and got a call for admission in late June. Based on posts here, I reckon I was one of the first on the waitlist. But I am unsure if the school used a ranked list or a lottery to pick a student. Anyways, I took that offer. Very happy I stuck it out until the bitter end. I was literally hours from accepting another offer and upending my life to move to another city. So, I say, keep the hope and hold out for as long as possible. You never know what can happen.
  9. Rumor is Torys and BLG so far in Toronto. Don't know about the third. I would assume the other big firms will likely match this generosity.
  10. From what I recall from the OCI process, KPMG was offering $1700\wk in Toronto, and PwC was offering $1400\wk for 2Ls. As for after, it's anyone's guess. But they're probably competitive with other firma in this space. There are Bay St firms who are also good at tax law that aren't PwC or KPMG though.
  11. I think you're in good shape. I think it's more likely than not that you should get offers from all 3.
  12. I'm sure you can find more fruitful discussions by searching for this topic in the search bar. But from what I gather, these are things you should think about. Pros: - Gives you insight into business topics which is insightful if you've never studied this material before - It *may* provide you with different and more wide-ranging opportunities for your career - Opens up networks with other MBAs at Schulich that will not be lawyers Cons: - Stay at school an extra year - this means much more $$$ paid and opportunity cost of being at school an extra year - If you plan on Big Law, you don't really need an MBA to get there - If you plan on something other than a business career or big law (corporate law), then I don't see the value of an MBA
  13. It's hard to tell when you will hear back, if at all. Some schools do rolling admissions and some do a few distinct waves. You may be waitlisted because you are on the fence in terms of admission for the schools listed. Given your stats though, I think you should have a decent shot (50\50) for at least one school out of those listed. Windsor and Ryerson are more likely than Ottawa, and Ottawa may be more likely than Western, Osgoode and Queens. I know this does little to answer your questions but there's no good way to answer them.
  14. UofT: very unlikely. Osgoode: Good chance (~70%) Western: Very good chance (~85%) Queens: Very good chance (~85%) The reason schools may have been holding back is because you took the LSAT recently. I can totally empathize with your anxiety. But you've done the best you can and your stats are solid. Barring some catastrophic PS (I assume very unlikely) then you will very likely get an offer. Best of luck!
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