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  1. Do we have to send a final transcript to the law school before being allowed to start the program? And is our offer conditional based on obtaining certain marks at the end of our undergrad? Thanks!
  2. I just wanted to update everyone that after firmly accepting my offer and the university receiving my deposit, I am STILL not able to register for courses. So I'm not sure how accurate the open spaces in the blocks are given that it does take some time for those who have accepted their offer to enroll in courses. Hope this helps!
  3. I accepted my offer a week ago but I'm not able to register for courses until I pay my deposit (and I'm having technical difficulties doing that). For piece of mind to everyone, we have to pay our deposits by this Thursday and firmly accept our offers by August 2nd. Hope that helps with any speculation.
  4. Status changed to under evaluation!!! Number 29
  5. Hi guys I’m #29 and still haven’t gotten an offer!
  6. What number were you on the waitlist? Please let us know!!! Congrats btw ☺️
  7. Has anyone called admissions to ask if the class is full as of the deadline yesterday? Or when/if they will be sending out offers? Thanks!
  8. Hey guys! I’m number 29 on the waitlist. I’m hoping that my chances are good, especially since it sounds like 1 through 10 we’re admitted yesterday. I emailed admissions last week and they said that the large majority of movement on the waitlist would be happening after the provisional/firm deadline date. Hope this helps ☺️
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