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  1. I was diagnosed with a learning disability at 14 and from my understanding can apply to the access category for most law schools. (I have all the medical documentation to provide to the school when I apply) I'm working hard on getting my grades up and spending a lot of time on the LSAT. I'm wondering if you can apply to both the access and general category at one school? I'm scared I won't get in anywhere and want to better my chances. (Looking to apply to uOttawa, Western and Queens)
  2. I really appreciate this advice. I'm in no rush to write my lsat and give myself as much time as I need to feel comfortable. I unfortunately feel the stress to attend law school right after my undergrad and admire those who can take a gap year. In the end that might be my only option but like you said I'm going to put all my energy into getting my grades up for now. Thank you again!
  3. Hey guys! I'm trying to decide on a lsat prep course to begin studying. I've heard good things about Kaplan (very expensive however) and also read a lot about powerscore and the powerscore books on other forums on here. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or personal experiences they wanted to share! I'm very much a beginner so looking for a course that will allow me to listen & learn, not just practice old lsat's! Thank you
  4. Hey guys, I just finished my 2nd year in my undergrad heading into my third and I'm looking for some advice. I am very interested in applying to law school, however my grades from my first two years aren't the greatest. (Sitting at about a 73% average right now). I'm going to be focusing insanely on my grades for the next two years but I know some law schools only look at the last two years +lsat for the most part. I'm just wondering what schools (mainly in the Ontario region) look at the last two years primarily? My dream school is UOttawa since I live in Ottawa currently but from what I've heard they focus on all four years of your undergrad and don't look at your lsat as much. I plan to write the lsat twice, once during my third year and if needed, once during my fourth year of my undergrad. Thanks for all the help
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