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  1. Anyone know the general date they start rolling em out?
  2. I have no idea where to access the status of my application on the new Uwinsite. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I've requested transcripts, put in my LSAT score and everything, yet nothing is showing up in my SIS or Document Tracking. Yes I submitted my application. Anyone know whether this is just a waiting game thing?
  4. mantis1

    for Windsor essay question 2

    I'd say to include anything and everything that you've done that makes you unique. Yes, being a parent counts as service, and if you can tailor your work experience to sound relevant then do so!
  5. Ok, so I'm assuming it will show up only once I have submitted the application. Thanks guys!
  6. No I haven't, does that make a difference?
  7. I have linked my account yet it still doesn't show anything in the LSAT portion of my document tracking on OLSAS. Any clarity as to why?
  8. Yes, you must finish an undergrad degree by August 1st.
  9. I wanted to know if I can access my sketch/verifiers from last year on my application or whether that has expired. Thanks!
  10. Nevermind--question answered!
  11. Say you have five or six classes left in your undergrad--can you still apply for the dual program?
  12. hey everyone, was wondering if it's wise to re-use reference letters on the first application when i was rejected after five months on the waitlist this time around? want to note that i am applying to the dual program and not the regular JD as i did last time. thanks.
  13. Hey everyone, I just received my rejection e-mail after having been on the wait list since February 16th. I was wondering if anyone in the past has had any success going to Admissions or speaking to them, and appealing the decision to have another shot at being considered in this cycle? Or is that unheard of?
  14. mantis1

    Still on Wait List?

    @weaslaw Are you also waitlisted at Windsor?