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  1. wanderlawst1

    Ask a 1L!

    Every weekend if you want
  2. wanderlawst1

    Is it fun?

  3. wanderlawst1

    Transfer 2018

  4. wanderlawst1

    Going into Crim versus Bay Street

    I find law school only really tells you about bay street jobs. I'm going into 2L and starting to think I may really enjoy practicing criminal law. The prospect of joining a Bay Street firm doesn't excite me in the same way. Is there a process of going into crim, much like with corporate you get a job after 2L through OCI's?
  5. wanderlawst1

    Transfer 2018

    If you do get in when would you have to let them know by?
  6. wanderlawst1

    Just finished 1L - can I defer 2L for a year?

    I will do that. Would it look bad in terms of prospective jobs?
  7. I just finished 1L and would like to take a year off before going back to school for personal reasons. Is this at all feasible?