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  1. Prepare yourself to be baffled then because I was accepted to UVic, and this was not a hypothetical thread. 😒
  2. I'm from Ontario, and I have narrowed down my choices between Ryerson and UVic. Ryerson: PROS- better networking in Toronto for human rights law (also will want to practice in ON), not having to article, and the faculty has great reviews on ratemyprof. CONS- 22K tuition and 2.5/month rent, and I'm not a city girl. UVic: PROS- 11K tuition, 1.5K/month rent, and my dream of living in the mountains will be fulfilled! CONS- not the province I'll be practicing in. Throw any of the pros and cons that I've missed! Brutally honest opinions are appreciated lol.
  3. I'm from Ontario, and I have been accepted to Ryerson and TRU. It's always been my dream to go out West by the mountains for school (will return to ON to practice), but considering my interests are in human rights, I feel that being in Toronto would allow me to network better. Also, not having to article is such a steal. Throw the pros and cons at me! Brutally honest opinions are appreciated lol.
  4. Hello, I am applying with: CGPA: 71% L2: 75% LSAT: 145 (waiting for November LSAT and can write again in Jan if need be) What're my chances? Which schools? Be real. Thanks.
  5. Which schools in Canada have an access category? I am honestly willing to apply to each of them. It's hard finding this information online.
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