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  1. I was rejected today as well. applied access, was next in line on the waitlist last year.
  2. Yeah it was super sad honestly. Was under evaluation for hours. I defs thought an acceptance was coming. Sorry to everyone who was refused!
  3. apparently this was not good news. profile now says refused.
  4. Hi All, I tried calling twice this morning, but no one answered was anyone else able to get an update?
  5. Absolutely nothing. I tried calling but no answer.
  6. Quick Update: I called admissions today and the lady I spoke with said they were waiting on a few more responses and she didn’t expect to hear until next week. She said even with me being next there’s still a chance they won’t get to me (duh), but if they did; it would likely be super last minute. (As if this isn’t already super last minute) PS - I believe there were 14 spots in the class blocks this morning. (Who knows what that means)
  7. Hey, i’m #13 on the revised list. Nothing yet.
  8. #13 here :O patiently waiting. kidding, i'm not patient at all. i'm panicking.
  9. yeah, who knows what that number actually represents though. The silence is killing me. low key panicking at this point.
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