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  1. I have heard back from the FCA and BC.
  2. I think we might have some issues in communication here. I took a PSLOC at prime and so did my friend but we were both being charged prime +0.5%.
  3. I'm sure a lot of us took a scotiabank PSLOC at prime when the standard offering was prime +0.5%. The issue is that on double check on my actual interest rate, a year and a half later, I see that the actual interest rates being charged is prime +0.5%. At first, I thought this was an isolated mistake but I told a friend about it and he checked to see the same problem so this could be more widespread than I thought. If you have a PSLOC with scotiabank at prime, you should check the actual statements for it and make sure that it is 3.95%.
  4. Click the option on your chequing account and transfer from and then choose the student loc and input the amount.
  5. I got into Western/Queens with a mega questionable CGPA like yours but not Dalhousie so take that how you will.
  6. Queen's looks at best two and Western looks at last two. I got into both with a pretty questionable cgpa so they most likely do not put any weight or very little weight on your cgpa.
  7. I am very confused by your posts. You keep on talking about due diligence and then mention course drops over and over again. UofA doesn't drop any courses for their L2 GPA calculation. Neither does UofC since we were talking about transferring from them. The OP already stated that their L2 is 3.21. If you think that doesn't give us enough information (transcript) to analyze where their GPA truly lies then I'm not sure what to tell you. The person with enough information and the transcript is saying that he has 3.21. I'm not sure why we would need to dispute this.
  8. I checked beartracks after this post and my schedule is up. http://puu.sh/B1ND2/6aade31730.png
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