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  1. bigfudge2017

    GPA calculation / Chances (four possibilities)

    I don’t like to be overly negative 😁 plus sometimes miracles happen and I like to leave the door open for those. As for the rest, I think your chances get much much better with a 3.92/155! Are you waiting for the Jan lsat scores? Because with anything higher than 155 I’d say you’re a lock for admission. I got in with 3.6/163 for reference
  2. bigfudge2017

    GPA calculation / Chances (four possibilities)

    A+ is treated as 4.0 not 4.3, the 3.66/155 is a little low based on their applicant profiles. Lowest with that I think is a 158 and that’s cutting it
  3. bigfudge2017

    LOC question

    i think I would have benefited immensely from some financial literacy type classes in high school. thanks all for your input
  4. bigfudge2017

    LOC question

    Yes I went with scotia. That’s unreal.. I didn’t know you could do that, but it’s too late as my line has been finalized. That being said I hope you’re successful with that. As long as I pay the interest every month there won’t be anything to compound anyways but not having to worry about that would’ve been even better
  5. bigfudge2017

    Why does U of A average LSAT scores?

    I’m assuming it’s because only taking the last 60 credits is a pretty forgiving system for most people so maybe the averaging of scores makes up for not considering cGPA
  6. bigfudge2017

    Chances of Acceptance? 156 3.6 GPA

    There are about 10 spots (give or take) for holistic admission so it might be a little risky. For reference, I got in with 3.65 and 163 so it’s just the lsat holding you back
  7. bigfudge2017

    LOC question

    thanks guys!! that is way more affordable than I thought, even with compounding taken into account. I wouldn't have to make interest payments during school but I'm now strongly considering it now that I know prime is an annual rate.
  8. bigfudge2017

    LOC question

    Hello all, figured I would ask this here because I’m financially illiterate and because there’s no one I know that would know. My LOC agreement states that interest on my principal will be calculated daily and compounded monthly. The rate is at prime (3.95). Assuming my first year tuition will be ~13k, and I let that balance sit on the LOC for a year...does that mean that each month they’re gonna calculate ~4% interest on 13k, and add it onto my total amount borrowed? The way I worked it out, that means after 12 months I’d owe a total of 19k. That’s about 500 in interest per month.... I may have that wrong and I really just want to understand what I’m getting into with this LOC before I start drawing on it like a kid with no impulse control and no parental supervision. thank you!
  9. I got in this year with a 3.65/163 you’ll be fine :)
  10. bigfudge2017

    U of A vs U of C

    Yeah I received a promo email for admitted students from UCalgary that said the same thing ^ im assuming the next highest school with 14% is U of A. I’ll have to go thru the firm websites and see the split between A and C, and then try and figure out how much of that difference is due to the U of C being better in Calgary and how much is that U of A students generally don’t want to go to Calgary or some other factor? If I do stay in Edmonton, I know the firm salaries are lower but have bonuses/incentives that raise the base compensation higher so it’s not like staying in Edmonton is bad either
  11. bigfudge2017

    U of A vs U of C

    thanks! honestly from what i've gathered, the difference between them is small, so the best option for me might be to stay in edmonton, live with my parents and save the 1000+ on rent, food, bills etc i would be spending monthly and keep my debt as low as possible
  12. bigfudge2017

    Waitlisted at Calgary 2019

    I’ll be withdrawing my spot so hopefully one of you guys get in
  13. bigfudge2017

    Accepted 2019

    Email. Took the lsat in sept 2018, and am a current student but not at u of a
  14. bigfudge2017

    Accepted 2019

    Got the offer of admission today! 3.6/163