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  1. bigfudge2017

    2019 Timeline

    https://www.ualberta.ca/law/prospective-students/juris-doctor/admissions they've actually uploaded a little calendar of what to expect. - first round offers are dec-march. - second round is April.
  2. bigfudge2017

    Struggling to boost score!?

    Lsat improvements generally come slowly, so you should push it back. are you blind reviewing the test? thats what i would attribute most of my score increases to.
  3. bigfudge2017

    2018/2019 Accepted Applicant Profile Discussion

    my understanding was that auto admit was 242 for most of the cycle, and was lowered as the year went on
  4. @Waterfall2021 how did you figure out what the acceptance cut off line was?
  5. I have the 2017/18 saved as a pdf. is there an option here for me to upload a pdf?
  6. bigfudge2017

    Just went grey!!

    thank you I've been fighting the rewrite urge since I got the results back
  7. bigfudge2017

    Just went grey!!

    I wanted a 165 but got 163. I actually 2nd guessed 3 questions and changed them from correct to incorrect. close enough hopefully
  8. bigfudge2017

    Chances for 3.88 GPA and 158 LSAT

    good luck! we have the same gpa but I wrote a 163 so ill keep you posted if anything happens with my application
  9. bigfudge2017

    Chances for 3.88 GPA and 158 LSAT

    I saw your prior posts about being on the waitlist. did u ever end up making it off??
  10. bigfudge2017

    Chances for 3.88 GPA and 158 LSAT

    and obviously you can't put 100% stock in it
  11. bigfudge2017

    Chances for 3.88 GPA and 158 LSAT

    I can't find the specific link @ the moment but have a look around the u of a forums. its an index formula made by someone based on previously admitted stats. theres a chart as well
  12. bigfudge2017

    Chances for 3.88 GPA and 158 LSAT

    the index calculators I’ve seen follow 2 equations. Not sure which they’ll be using. Gpa x 22.5 + lsat. Auto admit is 242. You’re at 245. Should be okay. Gpa x 22 + lsat. Auto admit is 240. You’re at 243. so to me you’re well within the range of accepted applicants both on the PDF of the successful applicant profile from last year, and from the (speculative) predictive index formula. Hope to see you there. Cheers
  13. bigfudge2017

    The TRUTH about law school

    right! i view that as being a nice person, and kind of sounds like stuff i would do anyways to maintain relationships. I guess calling it "networking" has a different connotation in my head
  14. bigfudge2017

    The TRUTH about law school

    no i got that hahaha, i meant maybe if there was something specific outside of that. thank you!!
  15. bigfudge2017

    The TRUTH about law school

    can you elaborate? because while everyone thinks they may be ahead of the curve, obviously not everyone is. as a 0L, reading #1 stressed me out a little bit so just wanted to know what the alternative may be to extreme networking and top of the class grades