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  1. this....just seems off to me. why would they give you an A you might not deserve? JUST because you wanna go to law school? like there arent thousands of others who have the same goal?? plus i know people in the business program at NAIT and this isnt their experience. Im sure you found it easy, good for you, but idk if that's typical.
  2. you just have to go to the schedule section and choose winter schedule! classes are the same but my times changed. they decided to give me MORE 8AMS in the winter lol kill me
  3. they go to 2 decimal places for the index calculations. as for the courses, i did the exact same thing, and as long as it can be applied to your degree (i.e you take the course before you graduate) they will take it.
  4. hahahaha yep im in crim too. couldnt tell ya which one i think ill like better
  5. We have the same schedule sounds like 🤣 yeah that 2pm start is the only good thing about it
  6. Just got mine as well. Was hoping to get lucky and avoid 8ams but that’s the way she goes 💩
  7. Lol as an update I got in with a 3.6/163 so the index held up (in my case). A single case isn’t indicative but 🤷🏽‍♂️I also got into the u of c with those stats
  8. I think there’s one in Vancouver, someone posted it in the fb group
  9. my diagnostic was a 155 and ended up with a 163! a word of advice is dont neglect what you dread. i hated logic games and would always put off learning them adequately. if i had my score wouldve been 166+. you're fine, just study hard and dont give up!
  10. Well as for your first question you answered it yourself. The department will handle our 1L registration. as for your 2nd question bear tracks says it’s Monday-Thursday with a final exam on Sept 21
  11. Absolutely I agree you’ll need both, but ultimately it’s still better to have as less as you can sitting on your LOC since they’ll add the interest to your balance monthly. My application was approved yesterday for 16k so if I was living on my own I would definitely need to dip into my LOC. How much do 1L textbooks typically come out to be in total? Couple grand?
  12. that’s a good question. When I moved to Alberta from BC for undergrad, my first year of undergrad I had to apply using BC student aid. definitely ask one of their people if that policy has changed
  13. just checked today and turns out that Alberta student aid's 2019 application is open now! if you secured an LOC it might be more beneficial to take out a govt loan so you don't pay interest on your balance during school rather than spending money on the LOC. cheers
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