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  1. bigfudge2017

    Accepted to Calgary 2019

    Just received the email. 3.65/163 I AM SOO STOKED. also went green circle a week ago
  2. bigfudge2017

    Application Priority?

    not quite. I applied as soon as apps opened, and I’m pretty sure it’s to do with if a person has multiple applications to different programs you’re supposed to choose which one you value more. If you only have one application it should be priority 1 (like mine)
  3. bigfudge2017

    Submitting Your Application

    Definitely. In my case though I’m a current student so I had to wait till January to send my transcript anyways so it wasn’t as bitter as it could’ve been. I was green circled Monday. we’ll be fine good luck!
  4. bigfudge2017

    Submitting Your Application

    Yeah that’s possible! Some people who’ve been accepted so far have literally identical stats to me so hopefully I can expect an offer coming before mid feb
  5. bigfudge2017

    Submitting Your Application

    this. For real, I need to know 😩
  6. fair enough! Thanks for the info
  7. the general theme I've seen perusing the internet is its not so much about what you take, unless its like to an Intro to Basket Weaving 101 type thing, its more about how well you manage to do in your program of choice. as @Diplock said, they want people capable of succeeding in their area of study. The merits of pre-law programs are debatable (to me anyways)- I found some 2012 stats from LSAC stating that students in pre-law programs were less likely to get into law school than students in other programs, but this may not be because that program does an inadequate job at preparing students for law school, but instead that the unsuccessful applicants were never actually going to achieve the GPA necessary for admission for whatever reason. Anecdotally, almost every "pre-anything" student I've met has had a non competitive gpa because most of the time those people are in those programs for the wrong reasons. I also can't see Law Schools turning down a 3.9/160+ applicant for a 3.3/157 LSAT one who learned the basics of Constitutional Law when they were 19. Im not even in law school yet though, so I may not know much.
  8. bigfudge2017

    Decision pending

    i agree, the only functional difference between a 4th year applicant and a degree holder is a matter of months, and by the time the 4th year attends law school he/she will have been awarded that credential, so why would schools differentiate? maybe the fact that most successful applicants already hold degrees is due to another factor, like waiting to study for the lsat after graduation, etc. so I dont think it makes sense for a law school to make that distinction...
  9. bigfudge2017

    Decision pending

    No problem! It was beneficial for me as well. And yes, they said those are early offers where they request transcripts to be sent in, so the processing volume is quite a bit lower so it’s a different case
  10. bigfudge2017

    Decision pending

    Okay so I spoke to someone today and got some concrete information. Apparently they have a large number of applicants registered for the January lsat- due to this they’re not gonna be looking at files until closer to February 1st anyways because according to him that’s the bulk of their applicants right now. when I asked him if I could arrange for my transcripts to be sent over on Wednesday since fall grades will be finalized, he said I could do so but since they aren’t evaluating files until Feb anyways there isn’t any point. Huge bummer I double checked over the phone, so this seems to be legit info
  11. bigfudge2017

    Decision pending

    Im going to call Monday and get a concrete answer for myself and anyone who has written the lsat prior to nov 2018 and is still in school. will update then
  12. bigfudge2017

    Decision pending

    hmm. maybe they're trying to force people to submit their PS's? maybe they want to cut down on the admits that never bother to submit the statement. wild guess so idk. either that or in previous cycles they were swamped with the amount of people who indicated "x LSAT date" who then went to rewrite, leaving the committee with a lot of file updates and this is a work around.
  13. bigfudge2017

    Decision pending

    @Whosiewhatsie thank you! same to you if you have more than one school in mind
  14. bigfudge2017

    Decision pending

    friggg guys, this sucks. hopefully I hear back from Calgary before that haha. as for the waiting, its might not be stressful so much as depressing since now we know for sure to expect radio silence
  15. bigfudge2017

    Decision pending

    so if I wrote the lsat in Sept 2018 but am currently in classes, I can assume I won't hear back till after February as well?