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  1. thanks guys you've really been helpful. @UAbear2018 perfect! the general consensus from people was that i should relax, i certainly dont plan on reading cases or anything but its good to know there is also no pressing need to practice writing. @Toad i think that LRW thread would be much appreciated because i think a lot of people, including myself, dont really have a clue of what to expect. @Iheartcats NOICE! Smort! (i love b99)
  2. Thanks 🙏 is the topic of your own choosing? Or are you given a specific case or area of law in which to research because otherwise that seems rather broad also, coming from sciences my writing style has always been pretty direct in terms of presentation and analysis. Are we expected to use a lot of prose or anything of the sort? Just wondering if I need to practice my writing skills a bit prior to September
  3. Thanks! Sounds kind of intimidating haha. Are your partners assigned for you?
  4. could you elaborate on this? is the factum like a group essay?
  5. That’s incorrect. If you fail a course and retake it with both landing in your L2 they will take the most recent attempt. (I was in the same situation)
  6. so is this a thing, where you have to actually request being put on the waitlist? i thought they would just put you on there regardless. (genuinely asking)
  7. It says on their website that 2nd year applicants must have an Lsat above 90th percentile so if they were assessed as a 2nd year applicant it’s not really a shocker
  8. To reinforce the idea that redoing the lsat may be more beneficial: I got in this year with a 3.6 ish and a 163!
  9. I actually emailed them earlier and they responded with this “ We will take care of your enrollment and registration for first-year courses. We will communicate with you in the summer regarding your class schedule. Additionally, students attending law school in September 2019 will receive a monthly newsletter or email summary with information regarding attending law school, preparing yourself for law school, and other useful items such as finances and student groups. That will start circulating in mid-to-late May. Have a great day, “
  10. I had a viewing here because I was considering moving out. It’s quite nice!
  11. I got a reply when I sent the confirmation email and a few days later beartracks updated to reflect $-500 in my financials section
  12. I would avoid the north side in general, especially anywhere around 118th Avenue. it depends on what preferences you have in relation to your distance from the U, the type of vibe you want around your place, etc. pm me if you wanna talk!
  13. I'd make it but i hate facebook and everything about it. twitter is where the memes are made
  14. This is what I was thinking and was confused by what else they could be communicating
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