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  1. The vibe I got from u of a holistic review is it’s more for people who’ve had major cataclysmic life events rather than below competitive grades or work experience and stuff. I hope you get in but I’ve met a few people who got in from holistic review and I can say any law school would’ve let them in due to their circumstances that’s how crazy they were. 3.6/157 is right on the edge though so don’t give up. For perspective I had a 3.6/164 and got in sometime in Jan so it might be worth rewriting the lsat if you think you can improve
  2. last cycle I sent my transcripts in before my fall grades were released and they explicitly told me they were waiting till they had those so if you get the urge to send them in just hold on to it hahaha
  3. for everyone recommending book stands, is it so you don’t have to hunch over the book while reading or typing notes from it? Does it really make that much of a difference?
  4. im starting law school too but i bought a beer bong, that'll probably help
  5. Hey guys! does anyone have any experience with the Health law institute? is there a way for students to get involved? and if you have been involved how did you go about doing so? biotechnology and its implications on policy were a huge topic in my BSc. and its something id like to get into more
  6. honestly all you have to do to get into law school is get good marks and a good lsat. Its not based around who you know.. its not a conspiracy to keep you down, its just there are literally two criteria that generally dictate your experience when applying to Canadian law schools, because believe it or not, most peoples' EC's and LOR's are largely the same anyways. its really confusing to me that you seem perplexed about or resistant to the fact that people who are "100% in every aspect" are much more attractive candidates than the applicant with the average LSAT or GPA. that's not confusing or surprising....at all. ps. they don't want everyone to get in to programs like medicine, law, and dentistry because NOT EVERYONE is capable of providing a high level of competency to their clients in these fields where things have very real consequences if services are provided inadequately. So far the best way we seem to have of separating people with the ability and skills is differentiating among GPA's and LSAT scores. I do understand your desire to get in, and maybe you do have a chance but I have a lot of friends who failed to get into medicine but instead of acknowledging that their choices had something to do with why they didn't get in, some type of inner defence mechanism kicked in where they made up a narrative like yours. Maybe to protect themselves from facing that fact so I just had to say this and get it off my chest.
  7. thanks for the advice! ive always been a textbook learner so hopefully ill be able to carry that forward into law school
  8. thank you when/how did you receive the money from the award? was it just applied against your winter fees or did you get a cheque
  9. this is somewhat related but if its not i apologize- when did they send out notices for recipients of the 1L awards in previous years? is it usually before september?
  10. thank you! its weird, I'm so type A about being ready for things in advance that im stressed about having to just wait for things to happen in terms of law school
  11. so the policy hasn’t changed but the website did
  12. Elaborate? Looks identical to me.
  13. when are book lists uploaded typically? or if a 1L from last year has the books that the following profs used so I can see if there are new editions that would be sweet. Crim with Bottos Constitutional with Adams Property with Kaplinsky Torts with Meshel Contracts with OByrne Ps. if anyone has any experience with these profs and their style of teaching, marking, and difficulty of exams that would be awesome
  14. I had a 3.66 L2 and 163 LSAT, and only applied to UAlberta and U of C and got into both. I know they arent the schools you asked about but at least its nice to know similar stats to yours have been admitted
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