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  1. Bad credit, collections, a history of late payments. Those are three possibilities which come to mind.
  2. Don't assume anything. You need to exhaust all your options. If you go through the other threads you will see that there are a lot of people here who were given different terms by different banks or some who were even accepted by one bank and rejected by another. I also suggest considering another cosigner, if that is an option. An older relative, perhaps?
  3. I'm very sorry to hear of your situation. Your post wasn't entirely clear though. You mentioned that Scotiabank weren't happy with your cosigner. What about CIBC and TD? Have you also contacted RBC?
  4. Okay, I clearly should never post on my phone.
  5. Move-ins take olace on the 15th, before school starts. If it turns out that I was denied a one bedroom due to illegal border crossers I will furious.
  6. You have a genuine medical claim, which makes you stand out from the majority of applicants who claim adversity. You've also done reasonably well in life since you graduated and can point to that as proof of your capabilities once you got your condition diagnosed and began treatment. You should apply access at all the law schools on here., perhaps with the exception of UoT, and McGill if you don't speak French. Your LSAT score is fine but I'd still suggest a resit, a higher score couldn't hurt. PS. I just realised you didn't tell us the schools you were aiming for. I'd suggest applying broadly. I applied to schools in four provinces.
  7. Has anyone taken a course with Jennifer Nadler? She's leading the seminar this year.
  8. Jesus that's messed up. What's the point of guaranteeing housing if you can't honour it?
  9. I have no pre-existing debt and the only credit cards I have the scotia ones that come with this program.
  10. Those of you who have it in writing that you'll receive 45k a year, have you actually received the funding? I was initially told "in writing" by my rep that she thought it was possible to receive 45k and she would ask for an exception to be made but when she sent in the request it was rejected in the email I quoted above.
  11. I was wondering the same thing. Studies show that men tend to be more assertive than women when it comes to salary negotiations.
  12. I was always told to not talk about money. I could never openly discuss my salary like this.
  13. You're clearly smart enough to hit somewhere in the 160s so do that and boost your chances.
  14. Yeah but do you really want your face on a bus on in a subway station? I always get Saul Goodman vibes from those ads.
  15. In at Queen's, Dal, Alberta. Most likely in at Western.
  16. If they have the same amount of experience why are they on different salaries? Did one of them bring clients with them? I'm guessing this isn't a straight up lockstep system, right?
  17. That's strange. Here is a quote from the email I received from Scotiabank yesterday: "You’re approved for the increase of 135k, however, we cannot evenly split the annual allotments by 45k each year. The 3rd year allotment now includes an extra 10k for articling instead of disbursing it in a 4th year allotment. Because of this, they are not able to exception for the 45k annual allotment." Here is a quote from an earlier email: "the installments stay at $41,700 for the first two years, but the last year installment is increased to $51,600."
  18. So I spoke to Scotiabank and apparently the "extra" 10K is only for the third year, since it's the former 10K in the articling year which has now been rolled into third year. Thus, there isn't actually an increase in the overall amount disbursed. I specifically asked if it was possible to get 45K per year and was told no. I guess that's a good thing in a way because it means that there's less temptation to borrow more than necessary but at the same time it's slightly inaccurate to call this an increase when it really isn't.
  19. I used the term "gaming the system" firstly in reference to the use by another poster and secondly to make the point that there is a way for OP to open doors which would initially appear closed or at the very least hard to open.
  20. I just had a look at UoS' website and the respective averages are 3.34 and 158. If you can get a mid 160s LSAT you should be reasonably confident of an offer from them. You could go there for a year and then transfer to a school which you couldn't have gotten to otherwise. That's probably the ultimate form of "gaming the system".
  21. I know that at Osgoode, many scholarships are restricted to Ontario residents so even other Canadians aren't eligible, let alone international students. However, in contrast to two schools mentioned above (U of T and McGill) Osgoode has near-identical tuition for domestic and international students, which is interesting.
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