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  1. I'm in a really weird situation - as I'm sure most people are - with the whole working situation around COVID-19. I did a clerkship as articling immediately after law school. I then took a year off from law to travel and take a breather. Since law school, my goal was to practice admin law, specifically on the litigation side, and I also was able to get some experience working on the policy side for a few regulators and government agencies. Pre-COVID, I had several interviews lined up at several boutique firms and it seemed like I had a pretty good shot of getting a job. Unfortunately, most of those opportunities have evaporated under the current circumstances. While they have been totally supportive and very helpful, the firms and lawyers with whom I was supposed to interview have indicated that this might be the state of affairs for the foreseeable future. Based on my background and credentials, I'm in the very fortunate position that some firms are still interested in my profile and willing to hire, albeit for positions beginning in the fall. The issue is that they've been pretty clear that only a minority of the work would be in the area in which I really want to practice. I'm looking for advice on whether the current situation is so dire that I should jump at any opportunity that comes along, or whether it's prudent to be a bit patient and wait for something that's more aligned with my interests. I'm really passionate about practicing admin law; it's something I've wanted to do since 2L and have tailored my CV around that goal. However, I can't ignore the economic realities of the current job market and my own (quickly deteriorating) financial situation, especially once CERB stops being a thing. What would you do in my situation? Any thoughts would be great!
  2. Thanks everyone for your awesome comments and suggestions. You've all really put things into perspective and, if anything, I'm much less stressed about figuring this out now. I'm definitely taking this advice... Windings is actually my favorite font and sadly underused. Thanks, I'll definitely reach out!
  3. Though I've never posted anything, I've been reading this forum since before I applied to law school - so, first, thanks to everyone for your amazing advice. I received a position as a law clerk at the Supreme Court and can't figure out what to do afterwards, or even where to begin considering a future career. Most people tell me that SCC clerks go on to do LLMs and become professors but, honestly, I've had enough of school and never particularly saw myself as an academic. Are there any typical career paths for clerks? Where I should start looking? And is it really true that it's relatively easy to get a job afterwards or should I be working on my resume/cover letters. Thanks in advance!
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