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  1. PolskiCanuck

    PSLOC: what bank did you go through?

    Just agreed to 125k + prime at TD. Two year grace period after graduation before paying down principle. Also got the speaker lol. No co-signer. Zero liabilities with about 15k in the bank and a good credit history after never missing a payment and completely paying down a 20k line of credit at a different bank. I met with RBC and Scotiabank who both offered apx. 80-90k with prime + 0.5%. Both said after I apply they would match TD but what's the point if TD is offering that right now.
  2. PolskiCanuck

    Desk suggestions?

    I second everyone who suggested an L-desk. One long table-top for papers and one smaller one for a computer. Also look for deeper desks, so that you can stack 3 or 4 papers horizontally if possible. On the other hand I study on my kitchen table and at the library. Don't overthink it too much OP.
  3. PolskiCanuck

    How to prep for LSAT

    Strange. I wrote the 2017 summer and winter tests and that's where I got the bulk of my practice tests from. I was able to download all of them as pdfs and print multiple copies as well. Did you pay for a month? Maybe there's more variety and download options if you're a subscriber.
  4. PolskiCanuck

    How to prep for LSAT

    Pro-tip: You can sign up for a website called scribd.com. They advertise themselves as a Netflix for e-books. People have uploaded dozens of practice tests on that website. What I did was sign up for a free trial, downloaded all the practice tests, then cancelled my subscription before the billing actually began. Or you can pay for one month (around 5-10 bucks I believe), download all the tests you can get your hands on, then cancel the subscription. Much cheaper than buying all the physical books. Also, this allows you to print several copies of the same test so you can re-do tests without seeing your old markings
  5. How's the food at the dining halls at Dal? I will be living off campus and my place only has a kitchenette so I was thinking of getting the unlimited meal plan. I'm a big dude who eats a lot but I hear the dining hall food can be a little sketchy.. What so you all? Thanks!
  6. I'll be moving from the west coast to the east coast to attend Dalhousie this September. I have an opportunity to get a really nice rental unit 10 minutes from campus for the year, but it is a 1 bedroom basement suite. I am a little hesitant to live alone because I will be moving to a new city and won't know anybody. On the flip side, I hear that your 1L group gets very tight, and that there are a ton of events and things to do at campus, to the point that several people have told me that they preferred living alone because they were around people at campus for 12+ hours a day anyway and it was nice to have a private place to decompress and not think about law. What say you all?
  7. Hey there, I didn't see a housing thread anywhere else so here we go: I am a 25 year old male from Vancouver looking for a place to stay in South End Halifax. I am hoping to make a trip to the city with my fiancé (who will sadly be staying in Vancouver while I'm at law school) sometime in July to take a look at the campus and at housing options. I'm willing to eat the cost of August's rent if I really feel comfortable with a place and the people I'll be living with! I'll be in Europe in August and will make the move either in late August or early September. Please reply here or shoot me a private message if you have a room that is in need of a clean, friendly, responsible guy! Or if you're in the same boat as me hit me up as well and maybe we can look for places together. Thanks!