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  1. I have been waiting since March 18th
  2. me, kind of concerned I have not heard anything
  3. isn't your application considered incomplete if all parts are not submitted? So, is there really a difference between submitting it before or after your referees
  4. I just want to confirm that applications are due Nov 1 11:59 pm, not Oct 31 11:59 pm correct?
  5. Hi guys, I am going to be applying discretionary because I faced some health issues in my third and fourth year. I was just wondering what kind of medical documentation should I upload?
  6. Hi all, I am not sure what my chances would be at Ontario schools with an undergrad cgpa of 3.2 and 163. My GPA is not very competitive due to my third year bringing my by GPA down because of health reasons. For this reason, my B2 is also 3.2. Is there a chance for me this cycle?
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