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  1. Niki1212


    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has received their calculated GPA on OLSAS? Would you know when and under which section of the application do they usually post this info? Thanks
  2. called them today and they said that it was an error with their system which sometimes happens when your high school in not in Canada.
  3. Hi all, So I just logged into my UOZone and it shows a list of the documents that I am required to submit. It seems that they have received all my documents but there it says that I am missing transcripts from my high-school!!!! I thought I wasn't supposed to provide high school transcripts😭 Am I wrong?
  4. I called OLSAS today with the same question. The asked me to get the college to send OLSAS a letter saying that they can not provide transcripts. And they said the deadline for "these sort of documents" is later than November 1st. so I shouldn't worry if it doesn't get there by November 1st.
  5. Hi everyone, I submitted my applications today and I just realized that I made an error regarding one of the dates on my biographical sketch. I indicated that I started a culinary program in September 2013 but the real start date is January 2014 and the former date was my registration date and not my actual start date. I called OLSAS and they said I should either wait and address it if I'm asked about it from schools or email them directly and let them know in advance. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate your advice.
  6. Hi, I attended culinary college during my first year of undergrad. It was part-time and three times per week and I got received a certificate for it. However, there are no transcripts for this program. I was wondering if I should include this in the academic history section of the OLSAS or can I just mention it in my sketch? Thanks
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a list of the school that require us to submit proof of landed immigrant status? I can't find any specific requirement on schools' websites so should I just upload my PR card and submit it for every school? Thanks
  8. Niki1212


    Hi, I was wondering if I should mention academic honours such as graduated "Cum Laude" or "On the Dean's Honour Roll" on the sketch? if not, what do they mean by academic honours on the sketch? Many thanks!
  9. I recently wrote my LSAT and am applying to Ontario law school for the upcoming cycle. If you are also applying and are interested in exchanging essays or meeting up to work on our applications together send me a pm
  10. Hi Everyone! I am writing my LSAT on September 8th! I have been studying for 5 months now; for the last month, I have been doing around 3 PTs per week. (Scoring in the low 160s) I took another PT today and although my score was nothing unusual I got very nervous and couldn't really think clearly and couldn't focus at all when doing the blind review. I feel like doing full-time pts is not helping me at this stage. Also, as soon as I study for less than 6 hours a day I get very nervous. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to spend these last 10 days. Thank you!
  11. Niki1212

    OLSAS References

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know if references get notified about which law schools the applicant is applying to through OLSAS? In my original email, I told my profs that I am applying to 4 schools and now I have decided to add 2 more schools! Should I let them know? or do they just have to fill out a generic OLSAS reference form? Many thanks in advance!
  12. Hi everyone! I just finished a non-credit course in International Arbitration online and I also have a diploma in culinary arts from a college in Toronto. I was wondering if anyone knows if I would be able to upload these certifications on OLSAS? Thanks.
  13. Niki1212

    Study Partner - Toronto

    Hi! I am writing the September test and I am doing mostly PTs now and no drills. So if you also want to take PTs and review them together we can study together. Let me know.
  14. Niki1212

    Reference Information

    Hi I am emailing my professor who is acting as my reference and I was wondering if I should ask him for his address and phone number since I only have his email. Does OLSAS ask for this information as well or do I only need their email? Thanks!
  15. Niki1212

    LOR Email

    Hi, I am about to email my professor regarding my LOR for law school and I was wondering if this email below is complete or should I include anything else in the email? I met with her two months ago and asked her about a reference and she said that I could email her and she would write me one if I provide her with my personal statement, a list of my strengths, and resume. I would greatly appreciate your feedback ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. Dear Professor X, I am writing this email regarding my request for a recommendation letter for my Graduate school applications. After extensive research into various programs and their faculties, I have decided to apply to 4 law schools in Ontario, as well as two MA programs at York University, i.e., MA Socio-legal Studies, and MA Political Science. Attached to this email you may find: A draft of my personal statement My updated Resume A list of my core strengths If you are still willing to write me a strong reference letter I would greatly appreciate it if you could please submit the letter for law school by October 10th. Please note that the application for law schools and MA programs open on August 20th, and October 30th, respectively. Therefore, I would only be able to send you the LOR links after those dates. The deadline for the MA programs are not determined yet but I will let you know as soon as they are posted. I am sure that you are very busy so please let me know if I could provide you with further information to make this process easier for you. Thank you very much for all your support! Sincerely, X