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  1. Hi, I have been working as a private yoga instructor and a tutor and make around $700/month from this. However, I had accounting issues and I never filed for taxes for this income so it's not disclosed. Can I still put it on my resume? do employers ask for any salary history or do they just confirm my work through references? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I'm starting law school at Osgoode in September. I took a year off after undergrad so currently, I am not in school. I have been working in marketing for the past 5 months but my contract ended a month ago so I am currently planning for the next 5 months of this break before school starts. Personally, I really want to travel back to my country, Iran, for 3 months and volunteer at a charity there and teach English. However, this would mean that I would have a 4-5 months gap on my resume in terms of Canadian work experience. So I was wondering if travelling is this a good idea or should I stay in Toronto and maybe try to find a summer job at a law firm? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  3. Got the email today! cgpa: 3.5 L2: 3.78 I think B2: 3.8 LSAT: 161 President of an academic student club, internship, volunteering, and some part-time work.
  4. I read a few of the older posts about this and it seems like we can wear whatever we are comfortable wearing. I'm probably going to wear jeans! for the Feb 21 event, there was a panel of speakers last year (you can find the video on youtube) and some info about scholarships and other things. I'm not attending the other two events because I'm not in Toronto at that time!
  5. Hey guys! Do you know if Osgoode will make an FB Group for those accepted?
  6. Accepted today! CGPA:3.5 L2:3.7 ish LSAT:161 Will be declining for Osgoode.
  7. Received the email this morning I was crying for a good 30 minutes. I still can't believe it. Stats: CGPA: 3.5 L2: 3.74 LSAT: 153, 161 (November) ECs: president of an academic student club, Human Resources Internship, Lots of volunteering at different charities, + very unique life experience back in my country so I had a very strong personal statement. It is true, Osgoode's admission process is holistic. / Feel free to message me if you had any questions! ** does anyone know if there is an FB group for those accepted?**
  8. Hi, Sorry to hear that you didn't get your PT score on the actual LSAT. That happened to me for the September test and don't forget that if you consistently scored 160+ on PTs, under exam conditions, you might've just gotten unlucky. I think this article does a good job of describing the luck element. Casino LSAT: ( https://blog.powerscore.com/lsat/bid/310634/welcome-to-the-lsat-casino ). But you can make your PT scores more consistent and overcome the luck element by working on question types that are your weaknesses. I will send you a message with my tutor's info!
  9. If you need my tutor's contact you can message me She was honestly great. Thank you and best of luck!
  10. Hi everyone, I found this forum very helpful while I was preparing for the LSAT so I thought I'd share my story here and perhaps it can help others. A little bit of background information about me: I moved to Canada around 5 years ago and decided to go to law school about a year ago. I did not have much previous exposure to the LSAT and I consider myself ESL in terms of vocabulary. I started studying in June for the September LSAT. I took an in-person course with PoweScore and found it useless. The instructor did not really care about the students and the numerous LR categories really confused me. Although to be fair, it helped me build on my LG foundations. By the time the course was over I was scoring in low 150s and I was not happy with it. I decided to work on my LG first using the Fool Proof Method on 7Sage. (You can look it up here: https://7sage.com/how-to-get-a-perfect-score-on-the-logic-games/) I made 5 copies of each game from PT 1-40 and started foolproofing them. After a month I was getting around -6 to -8 wrong on LG I was not being consistent so I decided to change my strategy a little. I decided to split my game board less and practice a strategy that would produce more consistent results. I had one session with a tutor who taught me about the Square of Opposition method. (If you like to know more about this method you can message me). For LR, I took 5 sessions with a different tutor and she really simplified LR for me. Instead of power scores' infinite categories, she divided the categories into only 3. Basically, the first category is question types that you can predict the answer almost 100% and these are usually MP, Sufficient Assumption, Method, and a few more. The second one is the category for which you can predict answers more loosely and you should approach these answers with more flexibility. And the last category is unpredictable so instead of spending time predicting we just dive into the answer choice (Must be True, Resolve, Most Strongly Supported). Reading Comprehension was my weakness. Ironically, I had always enjoyed reading and had always tried to read books in English since I moved to Canada. But I had trouble understanding words like parody, convoluted, sporadic. To address my weakness I purchase a set of GRE flashcards and memorized 5 words per day. I also started reading books with more convoluted wording. (Just before my November LSAT I started reading "Brief answers to important questions" and it introduced me to the concept of entropy and my last passage on the LSAT was about entropy!!! I ran out of time for the last 4 questions but it definitely helped ) So these are some details about each section but I want to also talk about my journey in terms of my mindset and attitude. When I started studying for the LSAT in June I was scared, negative, and stressed. I stopped going to the gym because I thought I need to focus all my life on the LSAT. I stopped socializing and didn't see my family for 4 months. I can't say that my failure on the September LSAT was only because of this (on September I got a 155 but I was PTing in mid 160s) but I am sure that it affected my score and my mental well-being. After I got my September score I was devastated. I thought I could never get a good score! But keep in mind, especially if your actual score was lower than your PT average, that luck also matters. Example: On the November test I got 3 linear games which I was really good at and got a -3 on LG. From September to November I changed my attitude. I realized that doing intense cardio helps with my mental stamina and also helped me to manage my mood and my back pain. I studied in moderation and around 4 hours per day. Most importantly, I decided to not think about the outcome of the test and started actually enjoying doing PTs. Did everything go perfectly on test day? No! The night before the test I slept for 3 hours only. I decided not to panic, did the body scan meditation by Jon Kabat Zin which helped me fall asleep, and had a bulletproof coffee (coffee+MCT oil+butter) in the morning to compensate for the lack of sleep. During September-Novemebr I was PTing in the mid 160s although my average was a 163 so I was happy when I got my 161 in Novemebr Feel free to send me a message if you had any questions.
  11. I don't know if that's an issue or now but mine says the same!
  12. I apologize if you have seen this post before. I made a chances post before and didn't get much response. So I thought I'd try again. CGPA: 3.5 L2: 3.74 B2: 3.78 LSAT: 161 (Highest) I have applied to Windsor, Calgary, Queens, Western, Ottawa, and Osgoode. Thanks.
  13. Yes, that should be the case. Thank you so much!
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