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  1. Leanne Walker is who you are wanting to speak to, you should be able to contact her through the law admissions number but if not ask law reception to patch you through to her. Law AdmissionsPhone: 250-852-7847 Law ReceptionPhone: 250-852-7699
  2. Accepted this morning! Can't wait to meet everyone soon! SOOOO excited!
  3. Hello Friends... my time has come!!! Leanne called me this morning with my offer (i was #1) I just wanted to say thank to everyone on this forum, wouldn't have been able to get through it without your support! good luck to everyone and hope to see you guys in fall!
  4. Honestly i got the same info that you mentioned above, she said top 5 have a chance and wait list isn't moving as much as it has in the past. Hopefully theres movement soon.
  5. So i spoke to Leanne and i am currently #1 so if i hear anything ill post on here right away. Does anyone else know their number?
  6. i dont think ranking matters. i was #2 on wednesday and two people (Alitigator and one of my friends) just got in so clearly they are bumping ppl and the wait list ranking means nothing.
  7. I've been doing the same thing... no one has been accepted since august 2nd so there has to be some movement
  8. Leanne is ghosting us worse than the last guy i went out with... anyone hear anything today?
  9. I think so but she reassured me that this was the last reshuffle before offers go out so I’m hoping that’s true lol and I called her around 10am and yeah I just tried a few times through the day
  10. I’m assuming ur #1 then! Let’s hope both of us hear back soon. Kinda annoyed I have to wait another weekend to find out cuz I don’t think she’s gonna send anything out today..
  11. I was able to get a hold of Leanne yesterday n she told me that I was #2 and that there would be no more reshuffling of the waitlist and she also told me I should be finding out in the afternoon (yesterday) but still nothing! Also a friend of mine got in touch with her on Monday and she’s sitting at #3 so I’m thinking ur either #1 or #4 at this point
  12. I get tht but I’ve also told her (million times) that if I get a seat I’m 100% accepting so like... let me in HAHAH
  13. Ugh let’s hope so, I think I’m developing an ulcer from stress lol
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