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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering about what each of the schools (mostly the ones in Ontario) were known for in terms of different divisions of law. Specifically, I was wondering if anyone knew which schools are best for the following subjects that I am looking to possibly pursue: Business Law, Constitutional Law, International Law, and Litigation (I realize Litigation is what a trial lawyer does, however, I'm sure some places are better at preparing young people for this than others). Thank you!
  2. Thank you everyone. Based on this forum everyone seems to agree that there is an advantage to finishing a degree. However, would it be beneficial to apply with the intention of deferring acceptance to after the 4th year, in-order to have a safety net so-to-speak?
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew the statistics around applicants applying in their third year (for entrance during their 4th year of post-secondary study). For example, I know 2 people that got into Ottawa law after only three years, but I haven't heard of that happening anywhere else. Is it worth applying in my third year, even to just throw my name into the pile with a small chance, or if the admissions committee will look positively upon it the next year? If so, which schools would be best to apply in my third year? Edit: I realize this is all grade dependent, the question above is assuming I have a competitive application for the school in question in all other categories (EC's, LOR's, LSAT, cGPA, etc.)
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