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    Hi guys. So here's my concern: I did horribly in 1L first semester exams. I got a C+, C and D+. Yes I know. Horrible. Anyway, I am in Osgoode and due to the strike and fear of getting more Cs, decided to pass/fail all my other second semester exams. I passed all of them. Now, heading into OCIs, what should I be doing? I don't expect to be getting offers from Bay Street jobs, in fact I never wanted them to begin with. My question is mainly about mid size/small firms. Should I be addressing it? Should I be explaining my strengths while trying to tell them that despite my grades, I will be a strong worker and a good candidate (I have a lot of prior experience in and out of Canada). Is it a no go and I'm pretty much doomed not to get a job for summer of 2L? Thoughts?