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  1. You're not a guarantee, but depending on how drops treat you and what your LSAT is I'd say you have a chance at some Canadian schools. UNB might be a place to look into first (drops the lowest 25% of undergrad marks + more holistic approach)
  2. I requested a double with my classmate. We got placed in two separate triples with people that we do not know. Residence admin essentially told me to fuck off until Sept. 15th as well. Pretty good way to treat two second year returning law students I guess.
  3. Single suites are a different story unfortunately. Triples are pretty much guaranteed but doubles are pretty limited
  4. There was literally someone who got their acceptance on August 30th last year. Acceptances from the waitlist run late, still a little while to go yet
  5. Very strange that you were placed there. EPJ literally had vacant rooms last year
  6. I have no horse in this race or anything; but I really gotta ask: what in the sweet fuck is your problem?
  7. I can attest to this. We literally had a 1L prof openly say that he didn't do the readings for the class and began to read, verbatim, out of the casebook until someone in the class suggested that we end class early and pick it back up next day. The prof's are largely good, but there are a couple of awful, awful exceptions out there
  8. Anyone in Newfoundland have any recommendations? Things around here seem pretty dismal
  9. So if you acknowledge that you have inherent advantages over people based on unearned attributes you're a lefty? Today I learned I'm a #Snowflake
  10. ...so you're proposing that only one party (in this scenario being you) in any given exchange has the right to express themselves. Not to mention that you're alluding to a charter right, and I don't think the charter applies to LawStudents.ca So before you attempt to insult my intelligence, please come better prepared. And honestly please just stop, you're only making yourself look more and more ignorant at this point
  11. You're free to express yourself; it's just that, other people are free to express themselves as well. And that may entail calling what you express dumb
  12. I'm sorry to hear about your situation, that's really something that no one should have to go through and I commend you for fighting through that. However, don't feel like you're entitled to get into a university because you have higher stats than someone (though I understand your frustration). Law school acceptances are heavily number-based but there is a "soft" element to it as well. You're going to have to take a good hard look at your application package and see what needs changing, where your weaknesses are, and how you're going to MAKE a school accept you next cycle. Your stats are stellar, so keep your chin up and take a critical look at what went wrong this year. Best of luck.
  13. Additionally; calculate your GPA using UNB's drop-system. UNB drops the lowest 25% of your grades, which is very helpful if you had a few bad grades that really sink your GPA
  14. Oh god... you're not going to go on your "regional biases are unfair" spiel again, are you?
  15. Ah good luck on the LSAT next year. You're a lock somewhere if you can manage a 150-155
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