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  1. Hello incoming Dual JD class, I stumbled across the schedule that was sent to me last August before starting classes and figured it might be helpful for the incoming students to get an idea of what your schedule may look like. Keep in mind that the new schedule could be different, but i'm fairly certain it's going to be extremely similar, if not identical. https://imgur.com/a/VQpacwP https://imgur.com/a/XolqIuq EDIT: Not sure why I can't embed the post, but the pictures are linked. Take care, DJD
  2. DJD2020

    Thoughts on 3000 Sandwich Street?

    I know about 7 people that live there and have been there many times and can confirm it's probably the best place you can get around Windsor that's close to the law school. That part of sandwich town is all newly renovated and nice, there's definitely nothing to worry about. Each unit (or block of units) are owned by individual landlords so the units vary. Although, every unit I've seen has been very nice. Kindest, DJD.
  3. DJD2020

    Summer before law school /suggested reading

    You’re about to start a journey in which you’ll be responsible to read more than you’ve ever wanted. I suggest you take this time to catch up on the sleep you’ll inevitably lose.
  4. DJD2020

    Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    I'm a 'Rising 2L' Dual JD student and the FB group has so many people because most of us join the group to aid the incoming 1Ls throughout the year. I only see about 25 or so unfamiliar faces that may or may not be incoming students. For a point of reference, or current class size is exactly 85 right now. Kindest, DJD.