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  1. currywiththeshot

    Legal Aid Grind

    Thank you @Malicious Prosecutor @providence and company for the fresh contributions. It's great to just soak in all the Intel y'all are providing. P.s. I did give @Diplock 's book recommendation a read through. It's short but profound, to say the least. Thanks again, all.
  2. currywiththeshot

    Legal Aid Grind

    I haven't yet decided where it is I want to practice, but I am, for the most part, open to where "the market" takes me. I do have several questions for you, which I'll address in a PM. Thanks so much.
  3. currywiththeshot

    Legal Aid Grind

    Thank you for the lengthy insight. Also thanks for correcting me re panels not being regional, but rather areas of legal practice that are province wide. I will have to look into the recommended book. Re @providence opinion that one shouldn't practice both areas of law + both yours and @artsydork suggestions, I'll have to do more considering/researching before making a decision. I appreciate the pep talk and will take all you've said to heart. Much thanks.
  4. currywiththeshot

    Legal Aid Grind

    Thanks for the straightforward reply. I guess I was being a little tongue-in-cheek when I mentioned "sitting back". What I really want to know is, as you say, how "we can have a conversation about where and how to best establish a practice in this or any other area of law." From my understanding of reading threads on this site, LAO files takes a lot of effort and pay little in return, so some lawyers "stack" their desks with as many files as possible. This leaves me questioning whether there are enough files to go around at all, let alone to future newbies like me. Obviously, one of the draws of LAO files is the assurance that your clients will pay, which is why I'm thinking it's a good place for a sole practitioner to get his/her feet wet. I'm simply trying to ascertain which area of LAO law, and whereabouts geographically, one can have an "easier" time entering the business. Thanks again for all the replies.
  5. currywiththeshot

    Legal Aid Grind

    Bay St, here I come!
  6. currywiththeshot

    Suits for Women

    I think you can achieve a neat-ish/professional appearance as long as you grow out your bangs. The woman's hair below is quite voluminous and curly, but still very chic. http://www.cbc.ca/radio/q/blog/a-closer-look-at-the-incredible-inspiring-women-in-drake-s-nice-for-what-video-1.4611837 *edited for link inclusion
  7. currywiththeshot

    Legal Aid Grind

    Hello all, I know that empanelment with LAO simply gives you access to potential clients, with no guarantee of files. As a soon-to-be graduate who's interested in working family and criminal legal aid files as a solo, how realistic would it be to make a living by simply getting empanelled and sitting back? Would I also have to hunt for clients in court and heavily market myself, or can I expect a steady inflow of work? I guess an important factor is also where I intend on becoming empanelled; is rural Ontario more significantly starved for lawyers willing to take on legal aid files, than say, the GTA? Thanks in advance.