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  1. You can find it on library genesis! I've already downloaded it onto my kindle Message me if you want further help
  2. @Liavas I noticed that quite a few universities that previously accepted lower cGPAs (Ry, Windsor, Ottawa, etc.) have been a lot more selective this cycle. Hopefully it's just a matter of waiting rather than a straight out rejection. Thank you for your words...The more time passes, the more I doubt myself and dwell over this. I'm sure a lot of applicants are feeling this right now and it really helps to have the reassurance.
  3. @toastedguac Is there a recording or link to the LSA? Would love to watch it
  4. @lawlizard Thank you for your response - I really appreciate it. I know I'm probably being irrational but it's just so hard to stop dwelling and focusing on this. You're right - the pandemic is probably affecting their rollout and I need to convince myself of that! @LegalZeke I hope we both hear back soon! The whole interview possibility is something I am not looking forward to. It's nerve-wracking enough waiting for months with no end in sight. I wish the whole process was more regulated so there wouldn't be so many uncertainties. I believe last year they did interviews by phone so it might still happen, but maybe things will be different this cycle?
  5. My mental health is at an all time low and I keep obsessing over whether I'm competitive or not competitive and whether I should keep my hopes up or move on. I have a 3.83/4.3 L2, 164 LSAT - putting me at an index score of 82.8. This means I have a chance, right? (I'm OOP and cGPA is 2.7, in case that changes things but ignoring my cGPA [since they apparently take the higher number], I believe individuals with lower index scores have already been admitted this cycle.) But after worrying over how late in the cycle it is, the incredibly slow rollout of responses, and the whole interview component - I can't tell where I stand. Around this time in previous years, Dal has released rejections, and in the next month, interview offers. I initially thought interview offers were only for applicants who didn't apply 'regular,' but then wouldn't that mean all the index admits would have been automatically accepted by now? As in, they wouldn't reject those who are above their index, right? After viewing past threads and seeing remarkably competitive stats, I'm not so sure... Does Dal actually look at each applicant holistically, even in the regular category? Do they simply accept index admits till they fill their seats on a rolling basis, rejecting those who might be within their stat range but applied too late? Are interviews just for those outside of regular category, or for anyone of those competitive late appliers too? Is my worry justified? I applied by Dec 10th, for context - which I don't think is that late, considering their application was open till Feb. I need to get this out of my system so I'm opening up my speculations and questions to anyone else on this forum who might have similar ones or - hopefully - some answers.
  6. I'll be declining my offer (already accepted UAlberta but still waiting on responses from other schools). I was extremely tempted to accept UofC because their Dean's Welcome was so wholesome. I felt like they put a lot of effort into answering everyone's questions and giving us an idea of what school would be like. The faculty and staff seemed helpful, kind, and sincere. Additionally, a smaller class size and, as they mentioned at the welcome, the highest articling percentage in Canada. Very tempting. Ultimately, the main reason I did not choose Calgary is because the slight edge UofA might give me in returning to my home province. If I was confident in staying in AB, I would've gone with UofC, but I'm *currently* still not hot about the idea of being a plane ride away from all my friends/family. I figure both schools are excellent - but there's a purported conception of UofA being a more nationally recognized school - even if it isn't factual. 😕 Who knows. Another thing was the course offerings - I don't want to do corporate or environmental law *at the moment*, and want to further explore health, crim, family law. UofA would give me a greater variety of courses to pick from in those fields. I don't think one could go wrong with either choice and I'd be absolutely torn if I was an AB resident - but that's the gist of my thought process
  7. I emailed them this question and they said 5/3 is perfectly fine, as long as the total within one academic year adds up to 8.
  8. @HappyJDStudent Could you elaborate on 3. Dal facilities? I'm curious to know more!
  9. Do you know what happens if you get a late admission somewhere after July 1st? Are you allowed to decline your firm acceptance and go with the new one?
  10. I could have sworn the Calgary deposit was $300 a couple months ago ...
  11. The least they can do is list is somewhere on their website, on the acceptance letter, on Launchpad...like anywhere. Rather than on some email I got from them a few days ago - quite a while after I got the letter. 😕
  12. I agree with everyone's advice above and I'd like to add that I think it all comes down to how you market yourself. I applied to U of C this year and was luckily admitted. My profile itself is - imo - nothing extraordinary (cGPA is quite low (L2 much better), my ECs are very standard, LSAT is good) but I think I was able to convey my experiences and reflect on them meaningfully. I am graduating university this semester so I'll technically be a K-JD, but I did take an extra year of uni because I switched programs. So basically, what I'm saying is I don't think being young is going to be a setback for you, especially with the experiences you described. I think that U of C doesn't necessarily prefer "older/mature applicants," rather they are probably looking for some compelling reasons to admit said people. This all comes down to whether you manage to convince them that you're the right person for the seat. I think a reason that maybe the age group is skewed upwards is because older/mature applicants may literally just have more experiences to discuss, have a more thoughtful way of approaching those experiences, and/or have the wisdom/conviction that they are sure that law is the path for them. Just speculation, though. Finally, I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to be a K-JD. Everyone has reasons for wanting to do things, perhaps at certain times. If you know this is what you want to do, and there isn't anything else you want/need to do before that, why wait? There is a lot of merit to taking time away from academics to enrich your life, but I don't think there's an incorrect way to go about it. Tldr: Make yourself sound like an awesome + sincere person and you should be fine.
  13. @seallover No problem! The zoom call reached a max of 97 but quite a few of those in the call were profs, faculty, and students. I think at least 15 were non-0Ls if I'm not forgetting anyone. So, I'd say 85ish 0Ls.
  14. According to the Dean's Welcome that was today, they said that we were the "first round of admissions," so I'm assuming that they still have plenty to go through. I wouldn't be worried. Good luck!
  15. The B2 that they look at requires 2 complete years, each with a minimum of 8 courses a year. They won't count years with less than that and they won't count incomplete years (e.g., this year). They will count this year once this session ends, assuming you have a full (8) course load. I don't believe they look at cGPA. Wrt your circumstance, the requirements will probably vary given that you applied access, but looking at it from the POV of a regular application, they will not count your L2 years as part of your B2 because you do not have 8 courses each year.
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