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  1. Before I went to law school, I was bombarded with what was great about every school. Nobody ever offered me the real deal on the schools' flaws. Now that I'm at Queen's, I've seen the not-so-good, and the great. You deserve to know what's weak at Queen's before you decide to go there. 1. Career Services is incompetent. Our new career advisor is disorganized, clueless, and lazy. She doesn't know, she won't find out, and if she offers to get the info, she'll never get back to you. I know 8 students who have gone to her for help, and 8 who have left without an answer. 2. The 'community' the faculty espouses are the elected LSS. If you aren't in the LSS, they don't want to know you, and you are wasting their time. 3. A lot of students drop out or transfer - in the second year class, the gold, silver and bronze medallists all left. It may reflect the culture encouraged at the school - very white, very 'partying,' and few niches for those who don't fit into that culture (though I am fine with it, I know many who feel totally alienated). 4. The move to a J.D. degree appears to be a means to charge more tuition without actual improvement. The Dean sent around an email that basically said "J.D. designation is great because we can charge more." Sorry, Dean Flanagan, but just because the homeless guy across the street from me writes "Trump Towers" on his refrigerator box, that doesn't turn it into a condo. 5. There aren't enough spaces in the classes for the number of students they accept. Howver, if you're interested in classes like "law and sexuality" or similar, you'll be fine. 6. Technology that's just hitting 1997 - bad email addresses, wireless internet that works infrequently, and a listserv that sends shit 7. Noise. They're building a sports centre and parking garage. Believe me, you are NOT going to learn anything when the prof has to shout over the sounds of explosions and jackhammering. 8. Lack of clinical programs. You pay more tuition for Oz or U of T, but you get it back in fantastic clinical programs and other opportunities to actually work in law. Queen's has a great clinical correctional program, and Legal Aid/Law Journal, but very little else. 9. Professionalism of some staff. I have had the fortune to witness or hear from the source about faculty engaging in drinking and smoking with students; having affairs with students; asking students on dates; one administration member lying to students to avoid addressing a concern they had (This probably is a problem everywhere) 10. It's not in Toronto, and some of the Toronto firms that do OCI's won't go to your school to interview. Nobody told me that. It's not a huge issue, but if you're dead-set on corporate work, you should probably know that beforehand. Don't get me wrong, there are awesome things about Queen's - friendly fellow students, lots of bursary money, and an awesome clinical correctional program. But you hear about those from everyone when the school is recruiting you. Nobody tells you about the crap. Anyone feel like making a similar list for Western, Oz, UT, whatever?
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