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  1. JuneBar2018

    June Bar 2018 -- How'd it go?

    Not sure I know what you mean by this
  2. JuneBar2018

    June Bar 2018 -- How'd it go?

    What makes you think Part 1 went terribly? Time (having to guess answers) or general uncertainty about answers? For me, it was timing
  3. JuneBar2018

    June Bar 2018 -- How'd it go?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone want to share their experience of the June 2018 bar sitting? Personally, I had to guess (random bubbling of answers) about 30 questions (combined) over both 3.5 hour sessions due to time constraint. The rest of the questions I answered, though, I felt confident about. Does anyone have an idea what percentage likely constitutes a pass? I reasonably believe I got 70% + on the exam. I heard the Quebec bar pass rate was 63% last sitting (anecdotally).